Alvorada Cafe do Monaco

Alvorada Cafe do MonacoThis came from a ski trip to Soll in Austria. The first thing we thought when we ground this one up and tasted it, was "dusty". Don't ask me how we came up with that - but that was the general consensus. It's still a good brew though - but not one for the feint hearted. The beans were tough - we had to grind the arses off them to get any kind of potency out of this. But when we did, it delivered in spades. It not only put hairs on our chests, but also on the palms of our hands. You get the idea? 8/10

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Eduscho Espresso Classico Coffee

Eduscho Espresso Classico CoffeeWe picked this one up on a recent ski trip to Austria. Like all the coffees out there - there's not much to choose between them.

They'll all dark as hell - having had the nuts roasted off them in some kind of industrial furnace. Which means when you make it you have to have a steady hand. One extra grain could mean the difference between life and death. The only phrase to note on the side of the packet is "savory" - a word I'd more normally associate with a packet or Twiglets. Rest assured - there is no hint of savory in this. It's just your standard hard roasted Austrian. Dark and liable to punch you in the face. make it right and you'll love it - over do it and you'll choke. It's that simple. 7/10

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Julius Meinl Genuss Frühstückkaffee

Julius Meinl Genuss Frühstückkaffee

Austria is renowned for it’s exports that you just do not mess with. Stroh Rum, Hitler etc.. and coffee needs adding to that list. It’s like an entire Panzer division running roughshod over your face when all you were trying to do was have a quiet morning coffee. They’ve laced it with heavy hitting Robusta beans – and you can smell them as soon as you open the half-kilo brick of coffee that could double as a useful murder weapon. Then they roast the arse off of it. There’s no point coming near this unless you like your face disfigured by tank tracks. Maybe it can be latte-fied – who knows – I wouldn’t dare. As we like ours strong, it does well for us, but it’s a real commitment, as on first taste you will flinch and your eyes will shed tears of blood. It’s not until you put the work in to get through the cup that you start to get the pleasure. By the end I was loving it, strapping on my Lederhosen and prancing about whistling the Lonely Goatherd. So it's a difficult on to score - it starts as a 4/10 but ends as an 8/10 – which must means it scores the average – 6/10. Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo


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Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee

Dallmayr Prodomo CoffeeThis one's from Austria. We've had a few from there and, as cheapies, they've generally been better than French ones. This is a case in point - it IS drinkable - but there's just something slightly weird about it. It's very susceptible to getting the measures wrong - too much and it's liquid aluminum, too little and it's shallow and breathless. Just one glug of this and you know you are drinking "own brand", European coffee. For that shared chalet ski trip I think I'd buy this - it's passable - particularly because of the house-brick style doublele dose package - it's massive. But not for myself, no way. On the cusp then, 5/5.

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