Blasõn Jaltenango Chiapas Coffee

Blasõn Jaltenango Chiapas CoffeeOne of the judges has managed to sort himself a nice little Mexican Señorita. Now, the rest of us have never met her, so it could have just been a cover story for his frivolous nights spent on Hampstead Heath. But then, low and behold, he disappears for two weeks and turns up with a real life Mexican coffee, thus adding indisputable weight to the "Señorita story". What ever the truth - we're having the coffee. It's all new - a bigger packet (340g) and super coarsely ground. There's no real smell when we open the pack - which doesn't bode well. It just smells like cheap coffee. The usual dose in the pot gives as an un-drinkably weak cup. So much so, all I could taste was the milk, so I left mine. We tried again: stronger. Still no cigar. One last chance today - and I took charge of the pot and really loaded it up. EIGHT spoons f'chrissakes! That just about nailed it - we can finally taste coffee. But it's still a washout - there's no depth of flavour and there's plenty of aftertaste, due to us having to make it so strong. They claim some acidity - and that fruityness is just about there - but it's disguised under several layers of mud. It's a holiday coffee, let's face it. Presumably you can buy it near Hampstead Heath. (4/5)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Premium Mexican Coffee from Chiapas. Shrouded in a veil of mist in an enclave in the highlands of the Sierra Madre in Chiapas, one can find the region of Jaltenango; the bounty of its soil provides ideal conditions for coffee with a marked acidity, full body and delicious aroma, unique qualities of a specialty coffee."

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Apperrently there is no such thing as a Mexican jumping bean, which is very dissapointing, as perhaps they could have provided us with a better brew. All i could taste was the grappa style flavour that lingers around until mid afternoon. This coffee has at least given me the opotunity to hand out a rating other than a 7 or 8, which seems to have become a standard for my reviews recently. So if you want somthing a bit different that tastes a bit weird hop on a plain to hamsted he- I mean Mexico and pick your self up some of this cra- i mean coffee.
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Ahh ha the first fruity coffee i've tasted. Although i don't recognise the fruit :(, this was a very sweet coffee that had quite an after taste with it. A friend bought us this back from Mexico and he's bought us 3 or 4 now all rather unique and definitely a break from the 'norm'. As far as i'm concerned this one is straight from Mexico and it was refreshing to find it's like no other coffee i've had. Can't say I'm overly keen on it but for sheer diversity the Mooney gets top marks. The coffee itself I gave a 5. Not good/not bad just not for me.

It was with some glee that I offered this coffee up to Judge Nooge and his cronies I had personally transported it from the exotic climes of Mexico. I selected it with the help of my fabled señorita but based on the comments so far, maybe I should have plumped for one of the other ones on offer. For what it's worth, I thought it was quite nice. I agree with a lot of what Judge Hank says above in terms of its fruitiness and the aftertaste and both for me were pleasant enough. I couldn't say I was blown away by it though. As this is my first review, it's difficult to know how good or how bad it was so I'm going to position myself in the middle ground. With a bonus point added out of respect for/fear of Mexico and the Mexican people, I'm giving it a 6.