Whittard Sumatra Coffee

Whittard Sumatra CoffeeThis is the first coffee of the new year and we've got a real backlog to get through now. This comes as part of a Whittard selection box of nine different coffees. So to pick the first one out it has to be from the top shelf - strength 5. There's only 3 cups in one of the small packs so it's a one-hit review. This is a right little corker for the first day of January - heavyweight and pungent. It does suffer from a slight metallic aftertaste which knocks it down a point - but otherwise a fine healthy punch in the face for the start of the year. 7/10 

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"From the Indonesian island of Sumatra, this full-bodied coffee has an exotic nearly floral taste. The beans are grown on small plots on the shores of Lake Aceh before being picked and semi-dried in the sun. Our Sumatra is dark roasted for a heavy smooth fragrant taste. It is subtle and sweet, reminiscent of figs and apricots and has a complex earthy aroma. An exceptional coffee; serve black to appreciate the nuances of the beans."

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It's 2 hours after I drank the coffee and I can still feel and taste it. You'd think that was horrible but no in this case it's a pleasant warm feeling in the gut and a good strong after taste. I think it's probably stained my tongue it's that strong in flavour. A very good welcome back to work and a fine start to the day. Meetings all morning and I made it through without the need for more caffeine. It feels good to get back on track and with just 3 cups per box and making 6 cups per day there is plenty to keep me amused this week. 6/10 from me which is definitely a good 6.

With the other judges making spradic appearances over christmas I was left to brew my own coffees on a number of occasions over the last few weeks. Needless to say this cup was a most welcome change to the instant crap I have been drinking recently. This could explain why the first few mouthfulls were brilliant, only to tail away by the end of the cup. There was a lingering aftertaste which was by no means nasty, but wasn't exactly my cup of err... coffee either. Decent fairly strong coffee, a solid 7.

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