March 2013

Suma Colombia Organic Coffee

Suma Colombia Organic CoffeeThis is a very dark roasted coffee. It looked so dark that we actually held a spoonful back on the make up. Mistake. You need the full quota to get the required strength out of this one. We could tell by the colour of it – it was just too weedy. One more spoonful brought it up to par – that was five spoons for two cups. Which kind of says this is not a very strong coffee – or it’s too coarsely ground. Swirling round in the cup with milk you get that uneven look as though you’ve just swirled in some condensed milk and are waiting for it to dissolve. It tastes ok though – but it’s more bitter than even than me - and I've just been cheated on. There’s just nothing special about this – it’s a cup of coffee, no more. They claim is tastes of not just hazelnuts - but toasted hazelnuts. Who the hell has ever toasted a hazelnut to know what one tastes like? Utter bollocks. Probably not to most peoples taste due to the harsh roasting. Us hardened Judges can cope with that, so I gave it a respectable 7/10.  

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Ginerva Miscela Selezionata Coffee Beans

Ginerva Miscela Selezionata Coffee Beans

This came delivered from the lovely people at Ginerva, direct from Sicily, freshly roasted. It’s a massive 1kg bag – the size of which we’ve only come across in horrible catering coffees.  Couple that fear with the knowledge that Ginerva’s coffees are based on Robusta coffee beans. Now, for the uninitiated, coffee is of two general types of bean. Arabica = Good or Robusta = Bad. The Robusta stuff is generally just cheap and naff – although Robusta beans are stronger in caffeine. But Ginerva have assured me that theirs are different – that they have tamed the Robusta and have made a gourmet coffee out of it. Opening this packet of whole beans the smell of freshly roasted coffee is intoxicating. Even Justin Beiber loving tea drinkers around me can’t help but comment on how good it smells. And that’s before I’ve even ground the buggers. The beans are just dark and lovely looking. Straight in with a standard six spoon mix for our three cups – slightly nervous that I should be cutting it down a little – scared of that cheap Robusta punch in the throat. But no – this stuff redeems itself on the first swig. It’s a strong coffee for sure – as you would expect from an Italian style roast – but not so strong that your mother would be scared of it. It just tastes how you expect a good coffee to taste – it’s pure coffee with no hint of chocolate, lemon or any other fruit for that matter. In fact, none of those other fancy twangs you read about on the side of all those other poncy coffee packets,  written by marketeers to draw you in. There is some blurb on the side of this packet – but it’s in Italian – how cool is that! This stuff is very forgiving in the making too – I’ve varied the dose up and down a bit and ground it finer or coarser – and every time it’s come up trumps. An idiot could do it. So get a big bag delivered when you next need to stock up and bow down to the working class Robusta bean come good. It’s a 9/10 from this Judge – I’ve only docked it a point as, even in a kilo bag, it’s not the cheapest coffee out there. 

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