Cafe Serrano Coffee

Cafe Serrano CoffeeImported from a recent Cuban jaunt by Judge Nooge himself, this is a real big boy. A massive half kilo bag and it's a pretty luxurious package too. It's finely ground which makes for a very heady mix. There's no mincing around with "citrus" or "chocolatey" with this one. It's just good, old fashioned, strong coffee - so much so that we had to back off half a spoon, otherwise we were in danger of another Cuban Missile Crisis. Seems like Castro had the right idea - get you coffee, cigars and rum sorted and everything else will follow. 8/10

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Cubita Coffee Beans

Cubita Coffee BeansThis is the biggest coffee in Cuba - it's everywhere. The Nooge was out there a few weeks back and brought back a sample - a big sample. It's a 1 kilo bag for f*&ck's sake - so it better be good. It cost about 15USD so it's on a par with UK coffees. It made a superb espresso in Cuba - which I even managed to drink black it was that smooth. Back on UK shores and fed through a plunger it doesn't quite bring back the holiday memories - but it is a pretty meaty coffee. Powerful on the tongue yet no nasty aftertaste. Not quite up there with the real big boys but we wont be leaving this in the kitchen that's for sure, it's all gonna go! A respectable 8/10. I'd like to try it in a machine though, as in Cuba this was a definite 10

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