July 2014

Carrefour Ethiopia Coffee

Carrefour Ethiopia CoffeeUnusually for the Frenchies this has got a country of origin stamped on it. It came from good old Carrefour so its easy to come by. We expected a lemon twang from this - that's what you normally get from these East African coffees. Not the case here though - if any word could be used to describe this it's chocolate. Not the slightest hint of a lemon in this. We made it in our usual caffetiere and it foamed up beautifully - it looked more like a pint of real ale than a coffee - it just looked great. Every cup came out perfectly - it was just plain impossible to cock this one up. All in all - a good one. Neuf Points.

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Selenes Oras Coffee

Selenes Oras CoffeeThis stuff comes from TK Maxx and its only a couple of quid a pack. There is no polite way to describe this - it's totally foul. I'm not even sure how it can be called coffee - it tastes of an overflowing, burnt out plastic ashtray. In a way, it's almost worth getting some so you can experience what truly bad coffee tastes like, as anything else you have after this will seem like caviar topped with a white truffle served off a virgins thing. So yes - buy it - to really be able to appreciate the full coffee spectrum. Actually - it's as bad as the Sainsbury's basics - but loses out because at least that was only £1.50. 1/10

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Lavazza Qualita Rossa

Lavazza Qualita RossaSomehow we'd forgotten to review this - the common or garden Lavazza Rossa - until now. We actually thought we had done it - only when someone emailed us did we realise we'd forgotten it. So here it is. It used to be my standard coffee years back - before I had a prosthetic tongue fitted and started getting into all these fancy coffee flavours. Thinking back it seemed so.... agricultural. But on reflection - it's as good as it always was. Nothing too fancy when made in a caffetiere, but a real glugger none the less. I wish I could run it through a proper espresso machine... I'm sure it would cream it's own pants off, let alone mime. There's only one downside - it's a real fine grind (not unlike the Judge himself) - which means if you over spoon it by half a spoon it'll blow your cotton socks off. 8/10

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