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Taylors High Voltage Coffee

Taylors High Voltage CoffeeOur love affair with coffee all started with Taylors a few years back with their legendary Hot Lava Java which was the first strength 6 coffee we'd come across. But then a few others jumped on the strength 6 band wagon - so Taylors have hit back now with the first ever strength 7. From the get go when you open the packet you know this stuff is going to hurt - it's dark and pungent - you can almost feel the fumes rolling out over the top of the packet and onto the floor, killing everything in its path.  So we made the first cup with kid gloves – not wanting to overdo it and cause imminent heart failure to any of the four takers. The result:  its bark is worse than its bite. This is a really drinkable brew and actually really easy to get right - we tried plungers and filters and it all came out spot on. Our verdict then - we love it. Try it. Don't be put off by it's hard as nails packaging. It's a 9/10 - only really dropping 1 point as it doesn't have any unusual flavours in there - its just a regular brew. 

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Taylors Rwanda Coffee

Taylors Rwanda Coffee

The blurb on this one spouts on about blackcurrants - and for once it's not too much of an exaggeration. There is a definite fruitiness in this – although when we spooned it up to make a strong one it tasted more like blackcurrants forged from bronze. But at normal strength this one looks and tastes good – in the caffetiere it was a lovely nutty brown with a head on it like a pint of Guiness. A good brew - anyone you serve this to will like it. 8/10

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Taylors Zambia Terranova Coffee

Taylors Zambia Terranova CoffeeA limited edition Taylors - one of our favourite coffee makers. This is a good one - easy to get right, and fully of zesty flavour whether you make it strong or weak. The first one we had was weakish, but the tangy-ness really shone through, so we spooned it up and then up again until we had a right face smasher. Even at that strength the quirkiness was still evident, nibbling away at your tongue. Maybe it lost a little finesse at higher dosages - it did start to give the slightly metallic taste on the back of the tongue, so I don't think it wants to go any stronger. It's an 8/10.

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Taylors Take It Easy Coffee

Taylors Take It Easy CoffeeWe can't knock this one just for being half strength can we? It does clearly say it's half caffeine on the side of the packet. For a coffee that's been through an industrial process, it's still got a lot of flavour and you wouldn't really know it had been mucked around with. It starts fine enough too - but as you get further down the cup, the lack of punch starts to grate. Eventually it becomes a bit sickly with the taste of the milk over powering the content. But that's because we like our coffee strong - so this coffee is actually delivering what it says it would. For most people it's probably a 7 or 8 score, but for this judge only a 6/10.

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Taylors Espresso Coffee Beans

Taylors Expresso Coffee BeansCoarsely ground this came out fighting from its corner. A real heavyweight - and you'd expect it to be, being called an "espresso". Of course we had a whole mug of the stuff, not four drips in the bottom of a poncy "cup" that would look more at home on a doll's house table. It is bitter - might be more to do with our grinding technique again as the mug was full of powder - this wasn't a liquid - more of a semi-solid. Still, we like that on a Friday afternoon. Whether it will help with my current headache is open to question. This one is said to be made of four different beans - is that by design or from sweeping the roasting house floor? Who knows - it's a high scorer whatever. I'd have given it a 9/10, but I have to peg it down 1 for the ball-ache of having to grind the bugger ourselves. Taylors: that's YOUR job.

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Taylors Cafe Imperial Coffee

Taylors Cafe Imperial CoffeeIt's a strength 3 and it's early afternoon. We're risking it here, but that's how we live life down these parts... on the edge. We did 6 spoons for three cups and it came out looking very caramelly. I was dreading the first mouthful - but it was kind of OK. They claim "citrus" on this one - which in my world is a by-word for "utter-bollocks". The trouble is that this thing gets weaker as you go. As your buds adjust, that first initial mini-hit diminishes to nothing and I felt as though I've ended up with mug of milk. A five year choir boy could punch harder than this one. Needs redoing with a few more spoons. Rated 4/10.

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Taylors Rich Italian Coffee Beans

Taylors Rich Italian Coffee BeansWe had to have TWO of these before committing to a review. Why? Because the first one was so bloody awful - there's more kick in a thimble of Ovaltine. As it was beans and our bean-grinding history seems to be universally terrible, we decided to change approach. Grind it coarse to avoid our previous woes, but go for 6 spoons to make 3 cups. Well, that one was so grim I couldn't even finish it, so we ground this one medium and upped it to 7 spoons. The result is better. But that's not saying much - having just spent the weekend mainlining Lava Java and Red Bull, this really is not up to scratch. They claim strength 4! Ha! It'll get one last chance - finely ground - after that it's going in the bin. Rated 5/10

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Taylors Colombia High Andes Coffee

Taylors Colombia High Andes CoffeeFrom reading the blurb on the packet from Taylors (see below) you'd expect this to taste more like a fruit bowl than coffee. Well thank god it actually is coffee. The only way you'll taste "lemony citrus notes" in this is if you suck on a lemon for half an hour before hand. Why is "lemony" a desirable "note" to have anyway?  And what the f*#k is a "note" and why is it in my cup? Anyway - the coffee is pretty fine - heavy and full of flavour. There maybe is a slight metallic aftertaste - you can still feel the coffee ten minutes later. For that reason I'd take it down a peg from a Judges rating of 7 to 6.

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Taylors After Dark Coffee

Taylors After Dark Coffee

The packaging on this says it’s is going to be good. Luxurious and still a healthy strength 5. I think we’ve been spoilt though by another knockout Lava Java this morning, because this one just lacks any depth at all. Rich and velvety is the description of the Java, not this. It’s hard to judge it objectively now – it needs to be the first of the day and not following in the Java’s wake. For now a 7/10... then updated to an 8/10!

You can buy it for £2.50 a pack here and now

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Taylors Lazy Sunday Coffee

Taylors Lazy Sunday CoffeeThis kind of tells you that Taylor's extended "it goes up to 6" strength scale only really has 4 grades, as this is graded a 3 and there can't be anything weaker. It almost tastes like one of those perverted "hazlenut" concoctions - sickly and insipid. This should be reserved for young children and old ladies. The lowest judge rating so far - 3/10

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