May 2011

Taylors Guatemala Cloud Forests Coffee

Ok I think we may have over done this one trying to bounce back from a hideously weak thing this morning. Bitter indeed, but with a slightly metallic after taste which I’m putting down to the excessively heaped 5 spoons that went into the two cups. We’ll give it  another go but make sure we don’t over egg it next time.

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Taylors Café Brasilia Coffee

Taylors Cafe Brasilia CoffeeMade with four spoons rather than five – why? – who knows. The result though felt like a five spooner – dark and strong. There was big contrast between the pale froth and the super dark coffee beneath which just made you want to pick up that mug and get your face in it. Next time we’ll try a five spooner  and see if we can survive it. Judges Rating - 7/10

It's available to buy for £2.50 a packet here

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Taylors Hot Lava Java Coffee

Taylors Hot Lava Java Ground CoffeeChocolaty and bitter. Every cup from this packet delivered on every count. Usually you’ll make one bad brew from a packet, but the Lava Java covers up any school boy errors you may make with your plunger, turning you into a coffee making guru with ease.  We don’t think this one will be beaten… Judges Rating: 10/10

I'd buy some now if I were you, for as little as £2.50 a pop! It's available to buy, here and now!

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