June 2011

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Costa Rica Tarrazu CoffeeThis came out lovely with a nice head on it in the mug. The strength was good and bitter - but it just lacked that smoothness that you need to help a strong coffee slip down. It was slightly fighting with my throat on the way down - resisting being drunk. There's a slight citrusy twang to it, not in Fairy Liquid kind of way; much more subtle. This could be due to the slice of lemon cake I ate just beforehand though. The packaging of these Sainsbury's Taste The Difference coffees is all wrong though - and I think that sets your mind ready to eat a packet of raisons and not drink coffee. I'm sure that's caused it to lose a point... Judges Rating - 7/10

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Miles Coffee Mr. Miles Blend

Miles Coffee Mr. Miles Blend

The packet of this looks tacky – it looks more like a bag of twiglets. The coffee comes out good though – strong and bitter with a long lasting taste, yet no burning after taste. It must be ground quite fine as there were tell tale ring marks down the side of the mug – but in this case I think it added to the taste as they rate this as only a strength 3. Rated 7/10

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Caffe Nero Classico House Blend Coffee

Caffe Nero Classico House Blend CoffeeThere's no strength on this - it just says "medium roast" - so we've put it down as a 3, and it tastes like it. From the moment I spooned it in it felt very granular and that 5 spoons just would not be enough. It wasn't - it had no depth of flavour at all. The taste is fine though - it's just yet another coffee that needs to be tweaked from the norm when making it. SIX spoons next time!  Judges rating 6/10

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Cafe Direct Machu Picchu Peru Coffee Beans

Cafe Direct Machu Picchu Peru Coffee

So we have to grind the beans for this one. I'm never sure if it makes any difference - that fresh ground is better that already ground. It's easier to OD though - you know that 5 spoons of this would be too harsh. The smell from the cup is not massive - it could be anything - but that's always the way with freshly ground. This is an expensive brew - 4 quid a packet - and for that I expect a lot. At 4 spoons I just don't think it does the trick - the lingering heavy coffee aftertaste is just not there. It's nice for sure... but needs a re-test on 5 spoons. Rated 6/10 on this first taste.

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Good African Uganda Rukoki Gold Coffee

Good African Uganda Rukoki Gold CoffeeThis looks good when you open it - a funky packet, very modern, yet very "fair trade", nice and granular with a good whiff. In the jar it foams well - you are expecting a good cup from this. And yes, it is good. It looks like hot chocolate and I don't know if this is just the power of suggestion, but it has a choccy taste to it. It different for sure to our recent run of Taylors. Though its leaving ring marks down the side of my cup as it depletes. Is this what it's doing to me too? The "fruity overtones" never happened. Thank God. Judges at 7/10

Try it yourself for for £2.59 for slightly bigger bag (250g) than normal. You can buy it from UK supermarkets here

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Taylors After Dark Coffee

Taylors After Dark Coffee

The packaging on this says it’s is going to be good. Luxurious and still a healthy strength 5. I think we’ve been spoilt though by another knockout Lava Java this morning, because this one just lacks any depth at all. Rich and velvety is the description of the Java, not this. It’s hard to judge it objectively now – it needs to be the first of the day and not following in the Java’s wake. For now a 7/10... then updated to an 8/10!

You can buy it for £2.50 a pack here and now

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Dorset Coffee Company Enorga Papua New Guinea

Dorset Coffee Company Enorga Papua New Guinea CoffeePulled out of the bag after Juror Fry's trip to the west country. The smell out of the bag is barely noticeable - it could be jar of Mellow Birds. Even the smell from the cup is under whelming. But the finished product comes into its own. It looks like a cup of hot chocolate and the right amout of bitterness comes through. Is there a slight citrus twinge? Not sure - could still be the after taste from this morning's fairy liquid. Tasty indeed - Judged at 7/10

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Carrefour Grand Classique Coffee

Carrefour Grand Classique CoffeeAnother French cheapy... 1.50EUR a pack. The smell out of the pack is definitely only one and half Euros worth - the smell of value coffee. But the taste is not that bad - it IS drinkable. Not in a lick your lips kind of way - but you would certainly glug it down on that winter ski trip in your chalet without too many complaints. Judges rating, a workman-like 5/10

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Sainsburys Taste the Difference Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

Sainsburys Taste the Difference Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

Ok so it's mid afternoon and we had a few to choose from and got suckered in by the "fruity" description Mr Sainsbury had given it. The powder was a grade darker than the cheapo Lavazza we had this morning and the smell on opening was fine indeed. On delivery the smell is, well, fruity YES! lemon-like infact - as though you had just washed your cup with a dose of fairy liquid and not bothered to rinse it out. So, unappealing....possibly. But the taste, well, the citrus tint does give it a lively edge. Not sure where the apricots came in - they must be still in the packet. Interesting. Judges rating: 7/10

Buy it for £2.50 a pack here

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Lavazza Il Mattino Coffee

Lavazza Il Mattino CoffeeLavazza has always been a judge favorite as the quality big brand coffee. This was a French bought cheap version though - well under 2 Euros a pack. The powder is a very light brown - which is always worrying. It's definitely strong but tastes very dry, with the "cheap coffee twang". I can't believe that there is such a thing as a sub-standard Lavazza so we'll re-make it with only four spoons and see what happens. Initial rating 5/10

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