May 2013

Suma Ethiopia Harar Coffee

Suma Ethiopia Harar CoffeeEthiopian coffee is always good - but never quite as good as Kenya or Tanzania. It's always just that bit more run-of-the-mill. The most common one we've had is from Yirgacheffe - but this one's a new one. Never heard of Harar. It's pre-ground from Suma, and has a great smell when you burst that packet. This one is super-fragrant, it's flowery, it's citrussy, it's all those poncy things. We loved it. Anyone would like this one too - you can't overdose on it - it comes out the same every single time, with a good head even from our aging plunger. The only bad thing about it was how fast the packet went down 'cos we loved it so much. It's a lush and it's a 10/10

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Bewleys Panama Coffee

Bewleys Panama CoffeeThis is the first ground coffee we've had in a while - it seems we've turned into such ponces we can only drink freshly ground beans these days. It wasn't that long ago we were moaning about the effort involved in the grinding. What hypocrites. Still, this stuff comes from Waitrose, which at least goes some way towards reclaiming our ponce-rating. This is nice smooth coffee. No flowery-ness or citrus - just a good old fashioned cup of Joe. It's easy to knock up - even being a strength 4 we still couldn't over egg it. Not sure about the packaging though - it looks more like a pack of Turkish Delight. Still - a very solid 7/10

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Waitrose Kenya AA Coffee Beans

Waitrose Kenya AA Coffee BeansWe all know Waitrose for supplying some poncy stuff - but mainly the same old stuff as Tesco but to posh people, and charging double the price. That's why they always have such large windows - so they can see the Toffs coming from a mile off. Having said that, if there was one near me I'd be in there like a rat up a drainpipe stocking up on un-leavened bread and exotic chillies. So we came by this one sent through the post by Judge Hank himself, who has upgraded his life and now buys his everything in Waitrose. Enough of the carping - he warned us this was good. But we weren't prepared for quite how good. It's up there with the best - a no questions 10/10. Why? First - you can't cock it up - being a strength 3 even if you try and OD on it, you will fail. Secondly that citrus sweetness they mention on the packet really is there, in spades. When we ground this the whole office woke up and they all wanted some of it - it smells glorious. We could slurp the whole packet down in a day if we had to. Although that wouldn't be that many cups - as the beans are massive and I don't think we'll get more than three rounds out of this bag. But it's only £3.29 a bag. So stop reading this, go find your local Toff shop and buy it now. Well done Waitrose. 10/10

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Julius Meinl Genuss Frühstückkaffee

Julius Meinl Genuss Frühstückkaffee

Austria is renowned for it’s exports that you just do not mess with. Stroh Rum, Hitler etc.. and coffee needs adding to that list. It’s like an entire Panzer division running roughshod over your face when all you were trying to do was have a quiet morning coffee. They’ve laced it with heavy hitting Robusta beans – and you can smell them as soon as you open the half-kilo brick of coffee that could double as a useful murder weapon. Then they roast the arse off of it. There’s no point coming near this unless you like your face disfigured by tank tracks. Maybe it can be latte-fied – who knows – I wouldn’t dare. As we like ours strong, it does well for us, but it’s a real commitment, as on first taste you will flinch and your eyes will shed tears of blood. It’s not until you put the work in to get through the cup that you start to get the pleasure. By the end I was loving it, strapping on my Lederhosen and prancing about whistling the Lonely Goatherd. So it's a difficult on to score - it starts as a 4/10 but ends as an 8/10 – which must means it scores the average – 6/10. Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo


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