June 2014

Cafe Liegeois Subtil Coffee

Cafe Liegeois Subtil CoffeeThis one was picked up on a recent visit to the far flung corner of Belgium to visit the Miss's family. This one actually had the name of the area on it (Liege) so it was a no brainer to scoop up.. along with several crates of bowl-bashing beer from the oh-so puritanical monks out there who seem to be unable to brew anything weaker than a can of Special Brew. There's no such thing as a "Belgian Roast" for coffee, so this is kind of just the Belgian take on fancy flavoured coffee that we are kind of used to seeing all over the shelves here in the UK. It doesn't say much on the packet - other than mention the word Ethiopia. Its fruity this one - and by that we don't mean the usual lemon twang - this one is more like a mild blast of oranges. Bizarre, yes. And it makes a real nice change from the very similar tasting stuff we've had of recent weeks (all scoring 8/10 mind you). I could pick this one out again from a cast of thousands at a blind tasting - it's that distinctive. We'd highly recommend it - but to get some your going to have to join the next Panzer division on it's way to the Ardenne, as it looks like it doesn't exist anywhere else. 8/10

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Alvorada Cafe do Monaco

Alvorada Cafe do MonacoThis came from a ski trip to Soll in Austria. The first thing we thought when we ground this one up and tasted it, was "dusty". Don't ask me how we came up with that - but that was the general consensus. It's still a good brew though - but not one for the feint hearted. The beans were tough - we had to grind the arses off them to get any kind of potency out of this. But when we did, it delivered in spades. It not only put hairs on our chests, but also on the palms of our hands. You get the idea? 8/10

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Aldi Alcafe Rich Roast Ground Coffee

Aldi Alcafe Rich Roast Ground CoffeeYou just cannot knock this stuff. It comes from Aldi - which as we are all now starting to realise, does not mean dodgy budget products but infact means good stuff from Europe that's cheap as chips. This is another one from that stable - we paid £2 or £2.50 for this bigger than normal (250g) bag. OK the packet looks like some French hypermarket cheapy that will taste like ground ash, but trust us, it doesn't. It's a perfectly good brew that comes up as strong as you like it and we would happily drink it all day long and wouldn't be that upset if it was the only coffee known to man. If you're at work with a shared coffee kitty, make this be your donation and no one will ever know you're a tight arse cheapskate. Just hide the bag. 8/10

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Aldi Specially Selected Colombian Coffee

Aldi Specially Selected Colombian CoffeeAnother cheap but good-un from Aldi. Its coarsely ground so you can’t really balls it up in your caffetiere – though of course this does mean that we couldn’t spoon it up too high – this one hasd a ceiling that we couldn't really get over. Not that it needs it – it's strong enough more or less however you make it. And it looks really inviting – a lovely pale brown crema on the surface that holds down the side of the cup to the bottom. Another perfectly respectable all day drinker from Aldi that you could serve at your dinbner party without being found out. We're only taking a point off for it not having any quirky flavours. 7/10

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Aldi Specially Selected Ethiopian Ground Coffee

Aldi Specially Selected Ethiopian Ground CoffeeBuying anything from one of the discount supermarkets like Aldi always seems like a gamble - even though they seem to consistently come out top in blind taste tests. They had quite a shelf of coffee in Aldi, so we went for them. At £1.99 a pack you can't expect to be blown away - this is ridiculously cheap stuff. But it does the job pretty well - its got that slightly citrus taste that you would expect from anything from the East African highlands and every time we made it in the caffetiere it looked like velvet - with a creamy head that lingered down the cup as we drunk it. In fact, we could drink this stuff all day. Our only gripe is that it's a fairly course grind which meant we could never get it to really deliver on strength, no matter how many spoons went in the pot. Not a hangover cure then, more of a sunny afternoon, refreshing all day glugger. 7/10

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