Kopi Thailand Peaberry Doi Chaang Coffee

Kopi Thailand Peaberry Doi Chaang Coffee

We picked this one up at the Tea and Coffee festival - and here's the idea. You join the Kopi Gourmet Coffee Club, and every month they send you a new fancy coffee. This is our first go - and it's very definitely a delicate coffee. Normally when people use the words "delicate flavour" they usually mean "f*ck-all flavour" and in this case its half true. This is a fine enough coffee - very coarsely ground so you really need to spoon it up to get the taste - and you cant really over do it. It just won't let you. Sometimes though, I want to make a coffee so strong that I can't even drink it and have to use it to clean the drains. Not with this little flower. It just left me wanting a bit more - which is lucky as we've got one more Kopi coffee to try. We like the idea though - swish coffee through the post. Have a read about them - sign up and give us your views. 7/10 from Judge Nooge.


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