Papua New Guinea

Tesco Finest Papua New Guinea Coffee

Tesco Finest Papua New Guinea CoffeeWe don't often get coffees that come from this far flung part of the world (Tesco - Sidcup). They claim fruity on this one - but no, it's not. But that doesn't make it a bad one - this is just a damn fine cup of coffee with no whistles and bells. No lemon, no choc, no fruit...  just coffee. Maybe we're getting a bit too poncy in our coffee tastes these days - and we kind of expect some kind of swanky sophistication, rather than brute force coffee. This one is definitely a MAN's coffee. There's no drinking this one from a tiny doll's house tea cup. It's for serving from a big mug - made of thick china that can cope with the heavy liquid within. Are you getting the picture? Just a couple of points off this one for the slight metallic aftertaste. 8/10

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Dorset Coffee Company Enorga Papua New Guinea

Dorset Coffee Company Enorga Papua New Guinea CoffeePulled out of the bag after Juror Fry's trip to the west country. The smell out of the bag is barely noticeable - it could be jar of Mellow Birds. Even the smell from the cup is under whelming. But the finished product comes into its own. It looks like a cup of hot chocolate and the right amout of bitterness comes through. Is there a slight citrus twinge? Not sure - could still be the after taste from this morning's fairy liquid. Tasty indeed - Judged at 7/10

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