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Pact El Retiro Coffee Beans

Pact El Retiro Coffee BeansThese beans are just not appetising. They're a pale and dusty brownish colour - something akin to a pile of rabbit droppings that's been lying out in the sun all summer. When we ground them down they were full of a lot of chaff too and looked like a pile of ground Sahara sand. So far, not so good, eh? But on finally pouring it into the cup, it does redeem itself. It then looks good with a nice head – although still is a very light brown colour. The packet claims it tastes of “roast hazelnuts” – which it doesn’t – instead it has a real fruity twist to it – which is a real pleasant surprise when you slurp it. The only real trouble we had was with strength – it needed a long grind to get it fine enough to use and even then we had to heap the spoons high to get any kind of kick out of it. So one point off for fiddly-ness to make, it’s a 7/10

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Pact Finca La Joyeria Coffee Beans

Pact Finca La Joyeria Coffee BeansAnother great metaphor from Pact - poached pear they claim in this one. The taste buds of those Pact kids must be so finely tuned that not only can they detect pears in this - but how they have been cooked!  Suffice to say - we couldn't taste them, being just your average coffee plebs. But plebs we may be, we know a good drop when we get it and this is our second packet of Pact to deliver. It's great - it's a heavy, full flavoured coffee, with a nice pale foaming head on it, more akin to a real ale than a coffee. It's smooth as hell and slid down in seconds, despite us spooning it up big time - there was nothing we could do wrong with this one. We don't know how you could get any of this without going on their mail order scheme... but we suggest you try. 8/10

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Pact Praline Espresso Coffee Beans

Pact Praline Espresso Coffee BeansHats off to the guys at Pact for being the first ever to use the word "gooey" to describe their coffee. When we ran this through our caffetiere there wasn't a hint of Goo - chocolate maybe - but then that's an easy one to describe any coffee. As they say on their site, they don't over roast their beans - they like to keep it light to preserve the flavours. So our first cup was a bit harsh as we gave it an extra long grind just to make sure we wrung every bit of taste out of these little fellas - which resulted in a cup full of mud and a mouth full of grinds. Second time out we held back a little - we ground it as we normally would - and it came out fine after all - panic over. There's no fancy notes in this one - but it does somehow just taste fresh. How we can tell that we just don't know - is it psychological from ready the oh-so-recent roasting date on the packet of just 2 weeks ago? Who knows. It's glugged. 8/10

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