Climpson and Sons Brasil Daterra Estate Coffee Beans

Climpson and Sons Brasil Daterra Estate Coffee BeansWe love the packaging on these Climpson coffees - they look like they've been bagged out there on the farm. Nothing fancy - just a brown paper bag and label with some better than usual blurb - plus the date is was actually roasted - the 6th Jan in this case. "Plunger lovers in mind" eh? Let's get plunging! Well, it does taste different - somehow it just tastes fresh. Is that because it actually is, or because we read the date on it and it just makes us feel that we're getting something hot from the oven? The taste is super-fragrant - and quite mild. Even after cranking this up an extra spoon, it still didn't get any stronger - it's one to be enjoyed with less milk and less sugar than you might normally have. One to savor rather than kick you up the arse first thing in the morning. 8/10 - only marked down for it's mildness. 

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Daterra Estate is actually two very large farms spread over two regions - Sao Paolo and Minas gerais. They have embraced social responsibility and provide a myriad of health and education schemes for their many workers. Also a leader in coffee production technology, we use their smooth arabicas in our espresso blends. here we have plunger lovers in mind: sweet, honey, nutty. One word: smooth. And yet in no way dull or boring. The results of years of agronomical and processing research conducted by this forward-thinking farm are the wonderful arabicas grown and processed there. The flavours are clean and the “pulped natural” process used retains a high level of sweetness in the finished green beans, certainly more than the tradtional processing used throughout Brazil. Our roast profile for this single estate coffee has plunger drinkers in mind, where you will experience medium body, significant toffee sweetness and a delicate acidity. We’ve tried it in V60 pourovers and were very happy with the retention of body at this roast. On our La Marzocco at the roastery where tried it with and without milk many times and on various guinea pigs (ie unsuspecting roastery visitors). Our conclusion was that provided you take care to control the extraction carefully, the straight shot tastes sweet and smooth at a fairly long 32 grams. Daterra Estate release their coffees by named sections, where they plant varieties separately. Current section: Sunrise Variety: Mundo Novo"

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We recently acquired 4-5 of this companies blends. I don't know the history of the company etc. but I do know the beans were roasted this month and there not shiny. I don't like shiny beans so we're off to a good start. Grinding them leaves bits of twig, an awesome smell and making the coffee just feels special. Like the first time you drive a BMW after selling your Ford Escort. I'm not disappointed either this coffee has a strange flavour and I love it. Maybe I've been manipulated by the cool "tell you nothing about us packaging" but I can't see how. It's light and friendly and I could drink it forever. This is a lovely coffee for you and your mates which I think everyone can enjoy. 9/10 from me and opening the next blend very soon.

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