Grumpy Mule Panama Esmeralda Coffee Beans

Grumpy Mule Panama Esmeralda Coffee BeansThe beans for this Mule are big and light - and smell divine. We almost ate them straight off the spoon. Now The folks at Grumpy Mule clearly state this is an all day, strength 3 coffee, which doesn't normally sit well with the Judges' sensibilities. But we're going to give it a go anyway. Brewing this up, the first thing apparant is the overwhelming smell of lemons. This isn't hint of citrus, this is a bleedin' fruit bowl. We don't mind a bit of high altitude lemon flavour here at Judge Towers, but this one is so lemon-like I'm not sure whether your average coffee drinking oik will drink it or do the washing up with it. We like it though - the only gripe being it's a bit too weak - even after spooning it up a notch. If you like a mellower coffee with a slightly odd taste, this is pretty good. Definitely one to serve your guests  - so they can all learn that "citrus notes" isn't complete coffee-bollocks-talk after all. 8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"A must try, this is the Diamond Mountain estate coffee from the famous Hacienda La Esmeralda on the slopes of Mount Baru. A fantastic medium bodied, all day coffee with a vibrant finish. Rainforest Alliance certified and a 2 Star Gold winner in the Great Taste Awards 2011. Diamond Mountain is a slow ripening, shade grown coffee from the higher reaches of the farms’ cultivated areas growing from 1400 to 1700 metres above sea level. With a juicy sweetness, citric brightness and peppery nose this coffee perfectly shows why Boquete has one of the world’s most exciting coffee growing regions. We've been buying Diamond Mountain for several seasons now and it's firmly established in the range as both a favourite of the Grumpy Mule team and our customers. An amazing coffee from one of the world's best coffee farms. Hacienda La Esmeralda is famous for the celebrated Esmeralda Special coffee (Geisha Arabica) and is located in the picturesque highlands surrounding the town of Boquete in Western Panama, perhaps one of the most stunning coffee areas we’ve yet visited. The Peterson family are passionate about quality coffee and under the management and guidance of third generation farmer Daniel and father Price, they continue to strive for excellence in coffee, careful stewardship of the land and support of both the 45 permanent and 300 seasonal workers and their respective families. All of the farm and milling activities focus on environmental and social sustainability so that natural habitats are preserved, water courses and resources protected, measures undertaken to minimise erosion and waste organic material composted for fertiliser. Workers are also provided with housing, sanitation and other benefits."

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Well i've so far been mildly impressed with the few we've tried but they are everywhere and there marketing is top notch. A little bit pricey from the shop down the road but maybe supermarkets fair better. This was £4.50 but in my opinion well worth it. From grinding the lightly coloured beans the aroma was dancing around the room, add water and a lemony whoosh smell comes flying at you from the cafetierre. 3-4 minutes later, lightly sugared I was sipping one of the best coffee's i've had in a long time. I really relished every moment we shared and it was hard to let go. This one never had an 'inbetweener' coffee it was too good. Now it's all gone and for a strength 3 they nailed there own description perfectly. I'm buying my own tonight and gave this a 9/10. The finest mule so far and i'm looking for more. Can't find that many around though which in effect makes me want it even more!

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