Hype Espresso No 9 Coffee

Hype Espresso No 9 CoffeeThe beans from this one look stunning - a uniform, glistening dark brown. It just makes you wish coffee beans were immediately edible as these look like little nuggets of chocolate. Once we'd ground these down though - these wolves in sheep's clothing showed their true colours: a real bunch of hard cases. The first cup we made with our usual five spoons was ball-crushingly strong and made our eyeballs stand out on stalks for a while. That's a feeling we don't mind normally - but there was a slight ashy undercurrent with this one. So we toned it down just a little bit for the second cup - and to be honest it didn't make any difference. Hype claim this coffee is not as strong as their No. 17 Espresso. Je-SUS. This is a strong, no holds barred after dinner coffee. We enjoyed it, but a couple of points off for what we think is a slight over-roasting. (7/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This slighty more aromatic then our No 17 Espresso blend. It's not as strong, and is a slightly lighter roast meaning that the aromatic flavours shine through. These coffee beans produce a slightly more flavoursome espresso, cappuccino or latte."

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This packs a real punch, even when toned down a little but don't confuse the strength with taste. The flavour to me seemed a bit flat, not much aftertaste and as it rolls over the tongue I can't help but feel the overriding flavour is one of dust... However my fellow coffee connoisseurs seemed to find more re-deeming features in it so I gave it another go with a little less beans. Much better the second time round, no dust - but the flavour did still appear to be dulled/lacking in a little something extra. Nothing wrong with this brew, just not really for me...

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