Lavazza Vivace Coffee

Lavazza Vivace Coffee

It’s been a long while since there’s been a different Lavazza on the shelf – they’ve always stuck with their classic branding over the years which, let’s face it, has always been pretty damn cool. There must have been a shake up over at Lavazza HQ  - a new director trying to make his mark – because on our local Sainsbury’s shelf there’s three new retro styled packets of the stuff. Even their marketing geeks have got in on the action – claiming ‘notes of dried fruits’ – a phrase which the Mr Cool Lavazza himself would probably have choked on. Anyway, here’s our first one - it’s the mid strength one of the three and, as to be expected, there’s no bloody fruit in there. Instead of which there’s a packet of small Italian fists waiting to jump out and punch you in the throat. Which, for sure, they do. This stuff kicks arse like a good Italian should, except when their at home being good to their mummies that is. It’s a super fine espresso grind through – we had to decant slowly from our caffetiere to avoid getting a mouthful of 2-stroke Lambretta tail pipe dust. Strong and grainy like a John Holmes classic - it’s 8/10 from us. 

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A Lavazza light, this brew still manages to adhere to many of the qualities that make the brand so appealing. The big, powerful tastes are toned down slightly, though this coffee still packs a little punch. I'm inclined to go along with the 'chocolate notes' but can't taste a trace of fruit in my cup. Perhaps most praise should be reserved for the packaging. Gone are the bricks that send grains spiraling around the kitchen, replaced with a more practical alternative. Yay.

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