Cafe Serrano Coffee

Cafe Serrano CoffeeImported from a recent Cuban jaunt by Judge Nooge himself, this is a real big boy. A massive half kilo bag and it's a pretty luxurious package too. It's finely ground which makes for a very heady mix. There's no mincing around with "citrus" or "chocolatey" with this one. It's just good, old fashioned, strong coffee - so much so that we had to back off half a spoon, otherwise we were in danger of another Cuban Missile Crisis. Seems like Castro had the right idea - get you coffee, cigars and rum sorted and everything else will follow. 8/10

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A 3rd Cuban coffee, the last one we had grew on me over time. Again it's another sack of coffee, Cubans must be really cool based on the amount of coffee they clearly get through. This one like the last has got better every time I tried it and today it had a good strong flavour, a touch of bitter about it and a whole load of manhood. I do enjoy trying different coffees and this type isn't my favourite but it's a very healthy 6/10 and for sure a good purchase if you want to try something different.

Lovely coffee, brought me a pack home from cuba. Was drinking coffee locally (central Cuba) they roasted their own, gorgeous, no milk just cuban unrefined sugar lovely!