Kopi Thailand Peaberry Doi Chaang Coffee

Kopi Thailand Peaberry Doi Chaang Coffee

We picked this one up at the Tea and Coffee festival - and here's the idea. You join the Kopi Gourmet Coffee Club, and every month they send you a new fancy coffee. This is our first go - and it's very definitely a delicate coffee. Normally when people use the words "delicate flavour" they usually mean "f*ck-all flavour" and in this case its half true. This is a fine enough coffee - very coarsely ground so you really need to spoon it up to get the taste - and you cant really over do it. It just won't let you. Sometimes though, I want to make a coffee so strong that I can't even drink it and have to use it to clean the drains. Not with this little flower. It just left me wanting a bit more - which is lucky as we've got one more Kopi coffee to try. We like the idea though - swish coffee through the post. Have a read about them - sign up and give us your views. 7/10 from Judge Nooge.


What the Manufacturer's say: 

"A supremely smooth 'n' sensuous fairtrade beauty. this iss likely to be the rarest and most delicate coffee you've tasted, cultivated exclusively by an indigenous South East Asian tribe. From a hill tribe co-operative in northern Thailand."

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Best so far out of these special (and by special I mean different to standard coffee packaging) that I've tried. All of them have been rich & thick, this one though provides the best flavours, and does so while staying away from choclate/chicory etc. Not the strongest taste to begin with but leaves a really good aftertaste and makes me happy. Definatly somewhere between an 8 or a 9, would recommend for an after dinner coffee
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Subjects for these posts elude me but the content does not. We recently returned from the coffee festival with a number of coffees to sample, more contacts to chase and an even greater appetite for 'around the world coffees'. So we met this guy at the world coffee festival who is based in London, just around the corner from the festival and we bought some of his entire range. All two of them and is the first we've tried. Now the packaging I love, the beans come pre-ground and as such are not actually beans. It is a seal-able packet as well, not a slack job a proper reseal. The pack though comes in at £7 and is a Thailand Peaberry. Recently after learning what Peaberry is and scoring a 10 on the Tanzanian one I was literally wetting myself to try this one and here it blaudy well is! It's pretty dam fine, I'm slurping like it's an Olympic event and I can handle more than a camel whose been left to starve for 17 months. The second cup is gone whilst writing this review and I'm wondering who is going to make the next one. It's good, it's very good. It feels light and fluffy and yet maintains a good strong heart warming flavour that gets my coffee-hormones tingling emphatically. The pack has the date the beans were roasted on and it's just a couple of weeks ago. What more could I do except go to Thailand and pick the beans myself! Now I gave the Tanzanian Peaberry a whopping 10/10 and have since stocked my cupboards with it. This does feel on a par though and not better. Still good coffee is good coffee, what else can I judge it on. Oh yea, price and package. Top marks for packaging Mr. Kopi and I appreciate a man who punches above his weight. £7 for this one or £3 for the sainsburys Tanzanian version. I hate supermarkets but I love money. Have had to give it a desirable 8/10 just because I can't ignore the cost. However if you can ignore the cost then with this brand you are really spoiling your guests and they will taste the money. One of the nicest coffees we've had.