Taylors Guatemala Cloud Forests Coffee

Taylors Guatemala Cloud Forests CoffeeOk I think we may have over done this one trying to bounce back from a hideously weak thing this morning. Bitter indeed, but with a slightly metallic after taste which I’m putting down to the excessively heaped 5 spoons that went into the two cups. We’ll give it  another go but make sure we don’t over egg it next time.

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The guatemala cloud forests coffee, what a name, and what a review on the side of the packet, every cup from this pack bought a smile to my face and helped to reinforce my love of addictive plants. For me even the smell invoked pleasurable memories of experiences I don't even remember having. Definitly the thumbs up from this judge.
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9:30 in the evening and my brother has bought in a steaming cup of the Guatemalan magic. We were ogling women by the dozen but after sipping this we're discussing just exactly how Cameron can boost the economy and save us from another recession. The intelligent chap choosing the beans for this blend has certainly left his mark on me and his coffee. A roaring success and 8/10