Taylors Hot Lava Java Coffee

Taylors Hot Lava Java CoffeeChocolaty and bitter. Every cup from this packet delivered on every count. Usually you’ll make one bad brew from a packet, but the Lava Java covers up any school boy errors you may make with your plunger, turning you into a coffee making guru with ease. We don’t think this one will be beaten… Judges Rating: 10/10

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"Hot Lava Java is a powerhouse blend, made for those who love their coffee rich and dark., with an intense caffeine kick. We combine full-flavoured arabica beans from Java with Indian robusta beans famed for their high caffeine content, then roast them dangerously dark for an explosion of flavour that erupts on the tongue."

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I'm a big fan of coffee myself so will be watching this site closely. On the back of this massively hyped 10/10 and the cool name I went and looked for this at my local sainsbury and lo and behold it was there!. I have to concur this is one of the best coffee kicks I've had in a long time and will be featuring heavily in the weeks to come, or at least until you find a new 10/10.
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For a long time I was adamant the Limited Edition Java Jampit was unbeatable, a Taylors strength five that had it all. The rating on the Jampit had to drop by 1 star to make way for this magical brew, again containing the Java name, I am currently looking for more coffee with Java in the name. It must mean abracadabra in coffee language.

It's hard to find but they had it in a different Tesco and rather than buy something new I grabbed the Hot Lava Java instead. Would it be as good? YEP! Still the best thing we've tasted, you just cannot go wrong!
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The man found some more Java Lava, the hot variety, and even though we have 6 to choose from this morning it was a clear winner. Worried the first time round may have been a fluke I have the cup next to me and i'm hurrying to write this comment so I can carry on drinking, it's awesome! I don't know if there's a little magic powder in there but it seems the filter caught it all and i'm left with a dark, intense and rich flavoursome coffee that has no tangy after taste. I can't remember if it's the same as last time but it's another 10/10 and it's set my wednesday off with a Friday morning sunshine.
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The packet has been open a while now and it's lost it's kick. Stick to the rules and drink them within 5 days of opening. Still enjoyed my coffee and it scored 8. Can't wait to open a new one.
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The other judge is away and we've reviewed a good few coffees. Thought i'd re visit this little gem and would you believe I forgot what I was missing. This really is the one coffee to rule them all.

The Yard stick to which all coffees, possible all liquids, should be measured. Rich, thick with a real kick i almost wish i could criticise it for somthing just to be a bit different but it appears the people have spoken. The king of coffees. 10/10

Hi do you make your coffee using a french press?.If you do whatd the measurements in terms of 1 scoop (tablespoon) to water. thanks

@bilal we do 6 big (but not totally heaped) dessert spoons for 3 mugs in a french press. 2 spoons a mug basically. But we're hard!
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I could wax lyrical for longer than a page, however I think this will suffice: Lava Java just made the top three! Delicious - Queen of Coffees reigns supreme!! 9/10
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I was skeptical of this as my first purchase of a strength 6, I was expecting a coffee for those who brag about eating the hottest curry around and drinking only the strongest lager's, for men who don't care about taste who only care about bragging rights, for men who like get their tape measures out in public. I did't want to fall in to this trap myself after finding many Strength 5's having nothing but bitter emptiness behind them but I was surprised however to find a wonderful coffee with a deep, almost bottomless, smooth taste. It is the only coffee I have tried where I think you can actually put too much in. I have had 7 cups in 5 days and now have it perfect for me (being a black unsweetened coffee drinker I find 16 grams for a 12oz cup perfect). Swishing each mouthful around my teeth before swallowing it brings out a lot of flavours and I actually end up enjoying it not just drinking it as I have been in the past with instant coffees. Not a coffee for everyday use, more a twice weekly treat or you just don't appreciate how special each cup is. My first 9/10 (I'm not giving a ten until I have tried a few more blends or have found something that smacks me in the face and screams 10.

I bought this with great anticipation and while I like it I think I still prefer Lavazza Black but could just be due to the fact I've been drinking it for so long. It's taking a bit of experimenting to get the optimum packing in my Bialetti too. It's nice, not as strong as I thought it would be and certainly better than some others I've had. At £5 for 2 its exceptional value for money though

Seriously, after getting a new coffee machine for christmas, i've been out and about trying all the newer flavours out there and being a uni student, having a potent brew in the cupboard is essential for those last minute assignments. Got it home and couldn't resist giving it a quick go. As the packet says, rich and strong flavour with a really nice caffine kick. A word of warning though, if you're using a double sized cup and it's early in the day don't have two cups. My nerves were a wee bit jangly afterwards ;)

I couldn't wait to crack open this one having read all the wonderful comments from other judges. Maybe it was the hype...maybe it's just not quite to my tastebut I was marginally disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it's a pleasant enough cup but I was expecting a bit more intensity (I'll keep upping the dose). Perhaps coming off the back of Sainsbury's French blend (with chicory - a real dark cup) anything would seem a little light.
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Have to agree this one was hyped very early on, it still sits as one of my favourites but as we've branched out and tried more and more there has been some real contenders. Depending on my mood I now stock 2 coffee's at home. A random one and a Lava Java.

Having checked out Judge Nooge's Harrogate Masterclass it did indeed turn out that I was being less than generous with the dispensing. This has now been rectified and yes, Lava Java is worthy of all its critical acclaim.

As an avid coffee drinker, I have found my 'Mecca'. It's so smooth, rich and flavoursome almost every other coffee pales in comparison. Although being a coffee lover it has prompted me to search out different flavours and other coffee blends. Morrissons having all the Taylors coffees at 2 for £6 is helping me with this very enjoyable 'experiment'!
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Taste: 8/10. Aroma: 8/10. Value: 8/10. Packaging: 7/10. Resealable: No. I love the aroma on this one. It’s taste is smooth, yet bold with it’s strong, deep nutty taste. It has also got a nice kick to it and lingers pretty well. Instantly one of my new favorites. You will definitely have to try this one if you like 5 or 6 coffee as this is amazing and cannot be described as much beyond that. Just like a review I made of a competing coffee maker – there isn’t much more I can say as it is pretty much perfect, and if I could throw any comment into the mix it would be – shame it isn’t resealable for the minority like me who like to have more than one coffee open at once. Great Brew. Overall rating: 8/10. -Judge Shaun.

I first tried Java Lava some years ago. About the second or third time I made it, I overdid it on the coffee and spent several hours at work in a wired, wide-eyed and slightly jibbering state. That's the presence of Robusta beans for you. Once bitten, twice shy... I didn't buy it again for ages. I certainly like my coffee at the stronger, richer and darker end of the spectrum but this one pushes me. The high caffeine content label on the packaging should be regarded as fair warning rather than marketing nonsense... this is a Coffee of Righteousness, called upon by the Gods in their hour of need (when they have to present at a 9am meeting having been out enjoying themselves way past their bedtime... ahem). Anyway, I recently revisited this one as my housemate came home with a packet to assist with exam revision. For a coffee of it's strength it is well balanced. Open the pack and the aroma hits you. It's dark and rich, earthy and nutty. You can tell instantly that it's going to be flavoursome. And it delivers - while it's certainly strong and full blooded you don't get into too much bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste. So well done Taylor's. I wouldn't recommend this one as an everyday coffee personally - while it's pretty remarkable that something so strong tastes pleasant, it wouldn't crack my top 5 for taste overall. And most of the time, I don't want this much caffeine. I like to keep something in reserve for when I really need an extra kick! I give it 7 and a half, but if strong is your thing you should definitely try this.

After reading the reviews on this coffee we had to have a bag. We haven't drunk enough coffees yet to express a valid opinion really,but we had to have a bag as a benchmark didn't we? I did think that Taylors blurb was accurate and I wasn't disappointed

I like this. It's more about the roast than the origin, because it's a blend of Indonesian and Brazilian beans roasted to extinction at roast number six, and I don't normally like dark roasted coffees, but this one has an appeal I find attractive. Yes, you can smell its been burned as soon as you pour on the hot water; and that burned coffee bean aroma and flavour is there throughout, but when fresh, this blend is invigorating without being aggressive. It's a great wake me up coffee.