Waitrose Kenya AA Coffee Beans

Waitrose Kenya AA Coffee BeansWe all know Waitrose for supplying some poncy stuff - but mainly the same old stuff as Tesco but to posh people, and charging double the price. That's why they always have such large windows - so they can see the Toffs coming from a mile off. Having said that, if there was one near me I'd be in there like a rat up a drainpipe stocking up on un-leavened bread and exotic chillies. So we came by this one sent through the post by Judge Hank himself, who has upgraded his life and now buys his everything in Waitrose. Enough of the carping - he warned us this was good. But we weren't prepared for quite how good. It's up there with the best - a no questions 10/10. Why? First - you can't cock it up - being a strength 3 even if you try and OD on it, you will fail. Secondly that citrus sweetness they mention on the packet really is there, in spades. When we ground this the whole office woke up and they all wanted some of it - it smells glorious. We could slurp the whole packet down in a day if we had to. Although that wouldn't be that many cups - as the beans are massive and I don't think we'll get more than three rounds out of this bag. But it's only £3.29 a bag. So stop reading this, go find your local Toff shop and buy it now. Well done Waitrose. 10/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Aromatic, fruity with a clean, sharp citrus sweetness, from the high plateau areas surrounding Mount Kenya. A top AA graded coffee grown in the northern region of Nairobi on the high plateaus surrounding Mount Kenya and to the west along the Rift Valley, at an altitude of between 1500-2100 metres. This climate produces two harvests per year, in March and then October. The fermentation time ranges from 24 to 48 hours. All coffee is graded by the Kenyan coffee board and then sold at fortnightly auctions."

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Don't make lemonade, make a genuinely zesty coffee as they are too rare despite 30% of coffees claiming to be lemony. This one though from *cough* waitrose, excuse me I just choked, I'm a Tesco value kind of guy at heart and just avoid Waitrose except when waitrose is around the corner and they are selling coffee for less than £3.50 a pack that does what it says on the tin, it does have flavour and the flavour it has is actually the flavour written on the packet. You can't make it too strong, you can't make it badly, you can't fault the p p p p price tag, the package is shiny and makes you feel like you spent a tiny fortune and it's kenyan so you're definitly not racist. It's win win win all round and every time I brew one of these up I sip it expecting to be let down and thinking all the hype from yesterday was somehow me lieing to myself. Every time i've been proved wrong, it really is one of the finest coffee's i've had for this price or any other price for that matter. 10/10 from me and i'm looking forward to trying a coffee I hate just to remind myself how bad coffee can be. Shedding my hate for waitrose and giving them a thumbs up with a 10/10