Tesco Finest Papua New Guinea Coffee

Tesco Finest Papua New Guinea CoffeeWe don't often get coffees that come from this far flung part of the world (Tesco - Sidcup). They claim fruity on this one - but no, it's not. But that doesn't make it a bad one - this is just a damn fine cup of coffee with no whistles and bells. No lemon, no choc, no fruit...  just coffee. Maybe we're getting a bit too poncy in our coffee tastes these days - and we kind of expect some kind of swanky sophistication, rather than brute force coffee. This one is definitely a MAN's coffee. There's no drinking this one from a tiny doll's house tea cup. It's for serving from a big mug - made of thick china that can cope with the heavy liquid within. Are you getting the picture? Just a couple of points off this one for the slight metallic aftertaste. 8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"This rich full bodied aromatic coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans originating from the hilltops of Papua New Guinea. It has a rich fruity taste with a floral undertone."

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Judge Hank's picture

Hailing from the part of the Globe they call Papa New Guinea which incidentally is the name of my favourite rapper, this gem is a gift from a colleague. It's presented well and screams limited edition at you. I hunted down the strength value which is randomly stated as 5. It's a good start. After two of these i'm not sure, I found it a bit bitter, metallicy and overall pleasant. As you can imagine that's a strange mix and I think if I was in a foul mood this would do nothing to lift my spirits. It's one of those strong flavoursome coffees that has a long drawn out after taste. It feels good all round, has a good colour, smell, reasonable flavour and capable of inducing a head ache. Not one of my favourite coffees though so I whacked it in at 6/10 and I owe our dear Robyn a big kiss for thinking of us whilst at Tesco and making dam sure not to buy one we already had :). 6/10
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I tried it this morning and i do like it, i love the bitterness of the coffee which has a slight hint of very dark chocolate to it. I don't think i can drink this all day as it is a bit too strong but a couple of cups a day is about right. Strength wise it is what i like a strong coffee, my wife say's it's too bitter and too strong. So if you like a bitter coffee this is one i would recommend.
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Taste: 6/10. Aroma: 7/10. Value: 8/10. Packaging: 9/10. Resealable: Yes. Bitter with a long after taste - a very small hint of dark chocolate, has a nice aroma and the bag is resealable which is very handy but at the end of the day the taste just does not cut it as it feel far from a "Special Edition" and more of a "Bog Standard Edition" - I'm actually given this a pretty high rating just because they got the dark chocolate part right which is rare. Overall rating: 6/10. -Judge Shaun. PS: This site doesnt allow me to add new coffees to review; the ones not on here are on my blog: http://bit.ly/SUUIl4 . *On all tests I use 1.5tbs of ground per cup with some fresh milk to make them fair.