Dorset Coffee Company Enorga Papua New Guinea

Dorset Coffee Company Enorga Papua New Guinea Coffee

Pulled out of the bag after Juror Fry's trip to the west country. The smell out of the bag is barely noticeable - it could be jar of Mellow Birds. Even the smell from the cup is under whelming. But the finished product comes into its own. It looks like a cup of hot chocolate and the right amout of bitterness comes through. Is there a slight citrus twinge? Not sure - could still be the after taste from this morning's fairy liquid. Tasty indeed - Judged at 7/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"A high grown Arabica. Sweet, full bodied and flavoursome."

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Judge Hank's picture

Looked like a very powerful brew in the cafetiere and I thought my cup was going to swamped in powder but no.... this is simply a very dark coffee with a rather mellow yet pleasing flavour, the manufacturers gave it a strength of 3 and I like there style. I'm intrigued to see what these guys consider a 5 and I bet it's awesome. Would definitely take another hit from the Dorset Coffee Company and they have started out well. If you're looking for a dark rich looking coffee that doesn't knock your face off this is one to try asap.
martyhar's picture

Pretty sure this is the infusion that melted down my afternoon at work yesterday. Java Lava lovas may not feel the benefit but I couldnt feel my lips after a two cups of 4 spooner. Came across this pack for free brought in by the PNG airline rep. Looks like the same red bag as the photo but without the poncey sticker. Amazing aroma when the bag is popped and as Nooge and the Hankmeister say - it's rich, thick and packs a kick. I loved it - makes my current grind (Cafe Direct Rich Roast) taste like HP sauce in comparison. Will confirm that these Dorset dudes are indeed pumping the same product and order a couple of sacks. Whopper.