Pact Praline Espresso Coffee Beans

Pact Praline Espresso Coffee BeansHats off to the guys at Pact for being the first ever to use the word "gooey" to describe their coffee. When we ran this through our caffetiere there wasn't a hint of Goo - chocolate maybe - but then that's an easy one to describe any coffee. As they say on their site, they don't over roast their beans - they like to keep it light to preserve the flavours. So our first cup was a bit harsh as we gave it an extra long grind just to make sure we wrung every bit of taste out of these little fellas - which resulted in a cup full of mud and a mouth full of grinds. Second time out we held back a little - we ground it as we normally would - and it came out fine after all - panic over. There's no fancy notes in this one - but it does somehow just taste fresh. How we can tell that we just don't know - is it psychological from ready the oh-so-recent roasting date on the packet of just 2 weeks ago? Who knows. It's glugged. 8/10

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Hype Pure Mexican Coffee

Hype Pure Mexican CoffeeMexico is not a big name in coffee for your average coffee drinker in the UK - but we've tried a few here at Judge Towers and their coffees are always firmly at one end of the scale: the top. That's not to say there's anything really noteworthy about this coffee though - it's not full of fluffy flavours and hints of elderberry. Hype reckon that this coffee is a cut above your average Mexican - so maybe we've been spoilt by only ever having good 'uns. We didn't get the fruity notes they claim - but maybe it's just too subtle for our agricultural tastes. But it suited us fine anyway - strong and dark and a doddle to make. We only got a two cups each out of our tester bag, but they were both identical. A solid 8/10.

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Blasõn Jaltenango Chiapas Coffee

Blasõn Jaltenango Chiapas CoffeeOne of the judges has managed to sort himself a nice little Mexican Señorita. Now, the rest of us have never met her, so it could have just been a cover story for his frivolous nights spent on Hampstead Heath. But then, low and behold, he disappears for two weeks and turns up with a real life Mexican coffee, thus adding indisputable weight to the "Señorita story". What ever the truth - we're having the coffee. It's all new - a bigger packet (340g) and super coarsely ground. There's no real smell when we open the pack - which doesn't bode well. It just smells like cheap coffee. The usual dose in the pot gives as an un-drinkably weak cup. So much so, all I could taste was the milk, so I left mine. We tried again: stronger. Still no cigar. One last chance today - and I took charge of the pot and really loaded it up. EIGHT spoons f'chrissakes! That just about nailed it - we can finally taste coffee. But it's still a washout - there's no depth of flavour and there's plenty of aftertaste, due to us having to make it so strong. They claim some acidity - and that fruityness is just about there - but it's disguised under several layers of mud. It's a holiday coffee, let's face it. Presumably you can buy it near Hampstead Heath. (4/5)

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