Taylors High Voltage Coffee

Taylors High Voltage CoffeeOur love affair with coffee all started with Taylors a few years back with their legendary Hot Lava Java which was the first strength 6 coffee we'd come across. But then a few others jumped on the strength 6 band wagon - so Taylors have hit back now with the first ever strength 7. From the get go when you open the packet you know this stuff is going to hurt - it's dark and pungent - you can almost feel the fumes rolling out over the top of the packet and onto the floor, killing everything in its path.  So we made the first cup with kid gloves – not wanting to overdo it and cause imminent heart failure to any of the four takers. The result:  its bark is worse than its bite. This is a really drinkable brew and actually really easy to get right - we tried plungers and filters and it all came out spot on. Our verdict then - we love it. Try it. Don't be put off by it's hard as nails packaging. It's a 9/10 - only really dropping 1 point as it doesn't have any unusual flavours in there - its just a regular brew. 

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Handle with care! This ferocious coffee is out strongest ever, fully charged with the power of Indonesian robusta. It’s ultra-high café and we roast it ultra dark to match, unleashing formidable flavours of tobacco, cedar wood and clove."

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A rival for the Lava Java, I find it hard to believe this is a 'strength' above its main competition. Doesn't quite have the same depth, but does have a more refined taste. Not as sickly as its rival, with no odd overtones or funky aftertaste - just good clean coffee drinkin'. Without the claim of 'strength 7' this would be an easy 8, but I don't enjoy being lied to by a packet, and as they seem to love the number 7, that's the rating they're getting.