Taylors Take It Easy Coffee

Taylors Take It Easy CoffeeWe can't knock this one just for being half strength can we? It does clearly say it's half caffeine on the side of the packet. For a coffee that's been through an industrial process, it's still got a lot of flavour and you wouldn't really know it had been mucked around with. It starts fine enough too - but as you get further down the cup, the lack of punch starts to grate. Eventually it becomes a bit sickly with the taste of the milk over powering the content. But that's because we like our coffee strong - so this coffee is actually delivering what it says it would. For most people it's probably a 7 or 8 score, but for this judge only a 6/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"New Yorkers are a pretty demanding bunch. And when it come to coffee, they know just how they want it. Take It easy is a combination of regular and decaffeinated coffee, inspired by a blend served in New York delis. Using arabica beans from Central and South America we've created a smooth half-caff with delicious hints of butter toffee - perfect for enjoying all day long."

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It's called Take It Easy and has low caffeine. Why bother you might ask but fond memories of the Taylor's brand have bought me back to try it. Let's be fair, the packet says strength 3 medium and it touts itself as a weak coffee. Clearly not going for the hard sell, more the ole granny market and mellow yellow gents. But what a surprise for me and about time to. Coffee people sort it out when Taylors says it's mild cats piss what they mean is they've found the the finest mild cats piss in the world and carefully extracted it direct from udder, vacuum packed it in lead, ground it perfectly, packaged it in completely appropriate packaging and handed it to there customer at a fantastic price. I put this at 7/10 cause i'm into my Tyson's and i'm not going to change but I was not led to believe this was anything other than a mild coffee and it's one of the finest mild coffee's i've had since I started drinking. I hate endorsing a product so strongly but I simply can't remember being let down by this bunch. Even when it's crap, they told me it was crap on the packet and I know full well there are coffee drinkers out there who love crap. This brand has a coffee to suit everyone and it's easy to find. Thumbs up