Taylors Zambia Terranova Coffee

A limited edition Taylors - one of our favourite coffee makers. This is a good one - easy to get right, and fully of zesty flavour whether you make it strong or weak. The first one we had was weakish, but the tangy-ness really shone through, so we spooned it up and then up again until we had a right face smasher. Even at that strength the quirkiness was still evident, nibbling away at your tongue. Maybe it lost a little finesse at higher dosages - it did start to give the slightly metallic taste on the back of the tongue, so I don't think it wants to go any stronger. It's an 8/10.

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Our Zambian coffee combines lively fruit flavours with a delicious floral aroma. It is grown on a family run estate in the south of the country, which is home to the Victoria Falls. The Terranova Estate supports a community of around 2000 farmers and their families, and the fair price we pay for their coffee has helped them build housing, a school, a library and a medical centre."

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In case you didn't know I had a 'thing' for Taylors, and for a long time. They offer a large varied selection at fantastic prices available in every shop I go to. Occasionally a new Limited Edition graces the shelves at Sainsbury, and I always buy it. I've learnt you can't say Kenya or Zambia now without there being some sodding lemon in your coffee. However done right that lemony zest can take the coffee experience to new heights. I say coffee experience of course I just mean the buzz you get out of it. It's a full bodied strength 4 and comes out a little too creamy. It has the required zest the name inspires though and it's a bargain, again, good simple packaging, a great colour. It's warm and inviting all round and I am yet again very happy with my Taylors coffee purchase. a Sluurrrping 7/10

Found this and a whole range of Taylors coffees in Morrison's - 2 for £6 I'm going back for more!! This one however is really nice for a morning coffee, not too punchy for my taste, with nutty mellow tones I thought. Can also highly recommend Taylors Columbian High Andes (3) and my favourite, Taylors Hot Lava Java (6)

we're with you on the hot lava - it ROCKS like a column of basalt hewn from the Giants Causeway!