Taylors Lazy Sunday Coffee

Taylors Lazy Sunday Coffee

This kind of tells you that Taylor's extended "it goes up to 6" strength scale only really has 4 grades, as this is graded a 3 and there can't be anything weaker. It almost tastes like one of those perverted "hazlenut" concoctions - sickly and insipid. This should be reserved for young children and old ladies. The lowest judge rating so far - 3/10


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maybe it's because its the 9am coffee and those first-of-the-dayers always taste better than the mid afternooners. Anyway - I stand corrected. Frothy with a full flavour and no hint of those pesky hazlenuts from before. The one I made must have been nobbled with Rohypnol by one of my female collegues that has designs on me. Rating should be upgraded to 6/10!!
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Certainly not a relaxing morning at work and I don't know why I ebbed towards the Lazy Sunday brew, perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part. Or perhaps divine intervention as it was just what I needed, light in colour and texture with no gammy aftermath this one hit the spot and left me wanting more. Excellent start to the day and one I will revisit in the weeks to come.

...drunk for the very first time, Ms Ciccone would have sung. This is my first review, and quite frankly I needed a coffee to keep me awake. My fellow reviewers have advised me to Express Yourself and Open Your Heart with my review on this site, however so far mine is Borderline ridiculous, I believe I need to give a Lucky Star rating, and Cherish my response. It was quite cold, almost Frozen when served which meant it took me only 4 Minutes to drink. Don't tell me it's time to stop writing and I need to Justify My Love for Lazy Sunday Afternoon. I'm not Hung Up on it, but it has been a Ray Of Light on this Friday afternoon.

I believe the phrase is once you've had black there's no going back, and without milk this hit the spot. Let's be Frank, with the amount of cake making and lack of sleep, I had to go Back to Black. There was talk that this was a hybrid of Lazy Sunday and Grumpy Mule, but if you could tell the difference then my middle name is Valerie. Still it's helped me keep my eyes open, but I feel I need to go into Rehab to cure my cake making addiction. It would be sad to do it, but I'm sure in the end my Tears dry on their own. This coffee reviewing though, You Know I'm no good. Winehouse, I'd rather have a Coffeehouse any day.
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Taste: 6/10. Aroma: 8/10. Value: 8/10. Packaging: 6/10. Resealable: No. This is what I like to think of as a hybrid between coffee and tea - sweet coffee which is ideal for everyone. Fill up the coffee machine and make everyone a coffee without too much fuss. Not my personal favourite but it's great if you cant be bothered to fuss too much over wanting coffee or tea - why not have both? Overall rating: 6/10. -Judge Shaun. *On all tests I use 1.5tbs of ground per cup with some fresh milk to make them fair.