Adams and Russell Australia Basalt Blue Coffee

Adams and Russell Australia Basalt Blue Coffee

Coffee from Australia? You’ve got to be joking mate! Well… apparently not, and this is the evidence. Now you may normally associate North Queensland with drinking gay halves of weak lager in a rowdy pub, getting shit faced on just three of them, pogo-ing around to the strains of Gone Daddy Gone and the Hoodoo Gurus and finishing up with a right good old punch up with your mate. And his girl friend. Still – this is the morning after antidote. For a country so ill-famed for coffee this stuff is alright and worth it for the novelty value alone.  The beans are dry and only slightly oily, but give off a nice coffee smell – there’s not even a hint of stale Fosters.  We couldn’t taste the chocolate, thank God. We probably wouldn't bother with this again - but it was fun while it lasted, so it scores 6/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Smooth, Rich, Chocolate. The smooth and rich organically grown coffee is from the Tablelands of North Queensland. It is an exceptional coffee which has mild flavour with a rich sweet chocolate body and low acidity. The coffee works well on all types of coffee brewing equipment. A truly memorable coffee."

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Odd one this, it's weak but it has a flavour to it that i'm nodding my head to. It's even been open a little while so it's not in it's full prime. I'm likening this to going sun bathing in Iceland, it's a pleasant thing to do although not quite right. When you are looking up at the sun you would almost think you were actually sun bathing it's only when you looked down and pay attention you'd realise you're on snow. So as long as I don't look for the faults with this coffee I don't think i'll find any. It's just good enough to not get the hammer smack beat down we do like to give to bad coffees. There is no need for me to try to hate it either. I'm thinking this is a contender for a 6 as my fellow judge gave, maybe a seven if you prefer the subtler coffees. It does feel like it's missing something but I can't tell you what it is so perhaps it's not the coffee that's missing something but me :o, let's not go there. These guys had a good range of coffees they sent through and nothing too disappointing and nothing to really get me going either. At least you're not serving your guests nescafe. 6.5/10