Puerta Rico

Sea Island 360 Reserva Cafe Puerta Rico Coffee Beans

Sea Island 360 Reserva Cafe Puerta Rico CoffeeIt's strange how your values change. Only last week we were moaning at paying 12 quid for a pack of coffee and it was no better than a Sainbury's three quidder. Then we cranked it up a notch - and some - to 25 quid a pack of uber gourmet Jamaican Blue from Sea Island. This time it's another gourmet - but back at 12 quid a pack. Get that - we now think 12 is cheap! Well, it's definitely a pleasure to quaff this one - there's plenty there to taste and the flavour lingers on the back of your tongue for a while - in a very pleasant way. Serve this at your after dinner party and no-one will complain. Why would they - they didn't pick up the tab. 2 points off for cost, bringing it down to 7/10.

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