Sea Island RSW Peaberry Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Sea Island RSW Peaberry Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee BeansSo this is the best coffee known to man. Apparently. Jamaica Blue Mountain. We got gifted this by the lovely people at Sea Island Coffee who seem to specialise in the most exclusive and top of the range coffees. This half sized pack of 110g retails at £13 - that makes it the equivalent of £26 for a normal sized packet which is just utterly ridiculous. Now that's not Sea Island ripping you off - this Blue Mountain coffee costs the earth wherever you get it. As for the actual taste - well it's pretty fine and made a delicious cup. The first cup was a little weak so we spooned it up by one - I think this one can't be made wrong no matter how many spoons go in, it will always come out good. But you can't help choking and losing some of the pleasure with every sip when you think of the extreme cost - it's a coffee for Mugs. Arf. It would have had a 9/10 for taste but I've had to dock it a massive 5 for the rip off factor as it has to score under 5 which is our threshold for "would never buy it again". Sorry guys - 4/10. Final answer.

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