Bewleys Panama Coffee

Bewleys Panama CoffeeThis is the first ground coffee we've had in a while - it seems we've turned into such ponces we can only drink freshly ground beans these days. It wasn't that long ago we were moaning about the effort involved in the grinding. What hypocrites. Still, this stuff comes from Waitrose, which at least goes some way towards reclaiming our ponce-rating. This is nice smooth coffee. No flowery-ness or citrus - just a good old fashioned cup of Joe. It's easy to knock up - even being a strength 4 we still couldn't over egg it. Not sure about the packaging though - it looks more like a pack of Turkish Delight. Still - a very solid 7/10

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Grumpy Mule Panama Esmeralda Coffee Beans

Grumpy Mule Panama Esmeralda Coffee BeansThe beans for this Mule are big and light - and smell divine. We almost ate them straight off the spoon. Now The folks at Grumpy Mule clearly state this is an all day, strength 3 coffee, which doesn't normally sit well with the Judges' sensibilities. But we're going to give it a go anyway. Brewing this up, the first thing apparent is the overwhelming smell of lemons. This isn't hint of citrus, this is a bleedin' fruit bowl. We don't mind a bit of high altitude lemon flavour here at Judge Towers, but this one is so lemon-like I'm not sure whether your average coffee drinking oik will drink it or do the washing up with it. We like it though - the only gripe being it's a bit too weak - even after spooning it up a notch. If you like a mellower coffee with a slightly odd taste, this is pretty good. Definitely one to serve your guests  - so they can all learn that "citrus notes" isn't complete coffee-bollocks-talk after all. 8/10

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