June 2013

Suma Sumatra Gayo Highlands Coffee

Suma Sumatra Gayo Highlands CoffeeThis is a strength 5 coffee that everyone should try. I didn't even realise it was a five until we'd finished the packet and I saw the label. Yes it has all the good points of a fiver, but none of the bads. In the cup, even from our french press, it looks so appetising - a nice layer of light coloured head which just invites you to slurp it up. And no matter how many times I made it - every cup came out identical. Perfect for the coffee making novice - I defy anyone to cock this one up. All the way down the cup, the strong flavour holds, with no nasty aftertaste. Just that slight creamy feel on your tongue. It somehow feels as comforting as a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winters night. The only thing holding me back from givng this a full 10/10 rating is the lack of any fancy flowery-ness. But then it never claimed to have that - so maybe that's just my problem? Anyway - its a 9/10

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Nestle Bonka Coffee

Nestlé Bonka CoffeeWe picked up this one in Barcelona - it's a big corporate brand who've chosen a comedy name. Well done Nestle - don't pretend you didn't know what you were doing. I thought maybe that "Bonka" actually meant something in Spanish or Catalan. Well I suppose it does. It means "Bonka". Once we're over the Sid James guffawing, we open the solid block packet and, as with every European coffee, as soon as it's open you get the hard smash in the face that only normally comes from being hit in the face by an ashtray loaded with butts left over from an all night session in the worlds biggest cigar room having just held a Winston Churchill appreciation evening. Where ever that is. Man, it's harsh. We treated it with kid gloves and kept the dose at the absolute minimum - four barely level spooons for two cups. There's no need to even stew this for the usual 3.30 minutes - as soon as you stir it - it's ready. A black vat of used sump oil. Still - we're no wallflowers here in courtroom 600 and will bring anyone to book. The smell in the cup is pure carbon. The taste is akin to shotgunning a mug of it through the funnel of the Flying Scotsman just as it pulls into Edinburgh. But you do get used to it.. but only if you like it strong. If you're a Gold Blend lover, this will probably put you in an early grave. So we will finish the packet of this stuff - on principle. But it's not for the faint hearted. (5/10)

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Suma Organic Medium Roast Coffee

Suma Organic Medium Roast CoffeeThey say "medium" on the packet - and they mean it. This is a real family pleaser this one. It won't cure your hangover back at work on monday morning after a weekend's bender, but it will serve you well at that Monday coffee morning with the Girl Guides. It's not just plain old coffee though - even though it's not a single origin packet with some fancy blurb on the side, it's more than just "medium roast". It's smooth and mellow, yes, and we really had to spoon it up to get the kind of kick the Judges need. But when we did, it really was a nice cultured glug. If there is such a thing. This one also delivered a super creamy head on it every time, which meant it just looked so appetising. All in all, a superb coffee, only letting itself down on strength, but, as usual, that's our problem, not theirs. There's nothing for it but a whopping 9/10.

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