Grumpy Mule Organic Bolivia Cafe Femenino Coffee

Grumpy Mule Organic Bolivia Cafe Femenino CoffeeThe first one of these was exactly as they described it. Creamy. I don't know how this happens, but it was definitely a sickly sweet, milky brew. Now if that's your thing, then all well and good. But it's not mine and I had real trouble finishing the first one - it was scoring a 4/10. They also claim a lingering finish - and they're not wrong. The taste just doesn't go away. It Kinda Lingers.  So for this afternoon I broke the rules, went to 7 spoons for three cups and held back on the milk a bit. This time we get something which has lost it's creamy-ness for sure, and for me is more palatable. But as ever when having to spoon a coffee up to high strength levels to mask its failings, there's a price to pay. It's slightly harsh with a bit of an aftertaste. This coffee is nothing more than OK. It actually tastes like a cheapy - yet in our local deli it's a whopping £4.50 a pack. All in all then, a lowly 6/10.

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