Coffee Strength Guide

You've seen it all over the coffee packs - what does it all mean? Let us guide you through it. The strength depends on the roasting time. NOT, as you might think, on the caffeine content. So it's possible to have a strength 3 with more caffeine than a strength 5.

Like a late night curry - coffee strengths tend to be a real macho thing. All the lads order a Vindaloo.


Strength 1: doesn't even exist. Like 1* hotels - no-one would admit to being that bad


Strength 2: a super weedy coffee - so feable you may as well drink half a teaspoon of Gold Blend in a bucket of water. As rare as a Pigmy Hippo - I've never even seen one.


Strength 3: the starting point for anything worth having. You can give even these entry-level strengths a real kick by spooning in a bit more.


Strength 4: Roasted a bit longer, they're starting to darken up a bit, with a more intense coffee flavour.


Strength 5: Even longer roasting for a real punchy flavour.


Strength 6: A new addition to the scale - a couple of coffees are off the radar and needed this special super rating of their own.