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Ethiopian Coffee Company Sidamo Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee Company Sidamo CoffeeThe Judges attended the Tea and Coffee festival - which was a bit of a let down to be honest. A dozen stalls - half of which selling cakes. There was some coffee to be had though - and this was one of them. The most ridiculously expensive coffee we have ever bought - £13 a pack. This has got to blow us away. Did it hell. Firstly, it's super-weedy, so you have to really load up your machine to get even a mild kick. Secondly, the "hint of mild Jasmine" is so f*cking overpowering I really did question whether the cup had been washed properly - or was I drinking pure Fairy Liquid? What a disappointment. If this had cost what it's worth (£3) I'd have given it maybe a 7 for the unusual taste. But rules are rules - and anything you would never buy again must score under 5. That makes it a 4/10 and a total rip off.

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