April 2014

Three Corner Coffee Roasters Kampuchea Double Roast

Three Corner Coffee Roasters Kampuchea Double RoastThis coffee has attracted more attention than any other. When we opened this one the comments ranged from "what the f*ck is burning" to "wow - smell that". The beans are lush and leathery and perfect but, hell, are they roasted or what??! This stuff has has been roasted so dark it could have gone to hell and back. Now, this is starting to sound bad isn't it. But - it's not. You just need balls of steel to drink it - and you certainly don't want to over do it or you'll quite simply have no face left. To me though, it tastes instantly of Asia - and reminds me of those coffees served in a glass with all the grounds still in there, with a dash of condensed milk, served in the stinking heat on a veranda in Java or somewhere. So, back in the UK cold and damp, some of the allure is lost for sure. But for those evocative memories I can give it a 6/10. For the connoisseur only.

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