January 2013

IKEA Kaffee Hela Bönor Mörkrost Coffee Beans

IKEA Kaffee Hela Bönor Mörkrost Coffee BeansIt's very easy when reviewing anything IKEA to harp on about flat packs and chipboard, and to be honest I was expecting the contents of this packet to be the crumbled up chipboard corners of all those returned PAX wardrobes with damaged doors. Especially as this coffee is cheap. I mean sub £2 a pack. So this is going to be as depressing as a wet thursday night trawling round 10 hectares of warehouse only to buy a set of tea lights. But hang on just a tiny moment! When you open this one up you can tell immediately it's not going to be that bad. In fact, it's not bad at all.... it's bloody great! We've had far worse coffee from so-called professional roasters. Maybe this pack was just super-fresh which gave it an unfair advantage. Who knows. It's dark and strong, the beans are not over roasted and burnt like some dark roasts, and it's a doddle to make. 4 spoons, 5 spoons, 6 spoons... they've all come out pretty consistently. So if you're a coffee novice, and a bit of a cheapskate, get down there and pick yourself up a few for the cupboard. And, get this, you don't even need to go in the shop! They sell them out by the fast food counter so you can nip in for the kill and be out in seconds without having to lower yourself to fight you way past a line of punters buying ten thousand component kitchen parts. Result!  It's a whopping 8/10 from Judge Nooge.

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