Jacc's Gourmet Colombian Dark Roast Coffee

Jacc's Gourmet Colombian dark Roast CoffeeThe Missis picked up a few bags of these coffees from a market in Bristol. They look the part - and come with their own self-sealing bag. Result! This is now the second bag we've tried - the first one went walk about when we foolishly left it in the kitchen after the first cup. Shame we can't remember much about that one. This one is immediately full on chocolate. There must be some kind of additive in this - it's just un-naturally chocolatey. Or is it Chicory? One of those weird coffee-add-ins, anyway. Which meant for me it just became sickly as I slurped my way through it. Sorry Jaccs - just a 5/10 from me - though most people would probably like this.

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