May 2015

Red Tail Apaneca Coffee Beans

Red Tail Apaneca Coffee Beans

These beans look amazing. They’re dark and smooth, like a deeply polished pair of Italian leather shoes. They just make you want to pick them out and nibble them like a packet of sweets. They ground down to a lovely fine and consistent powder with no chaff whatsoever. At this point thinks were looking good for an early morning pick-me-up. But then we had a problem – it ground just too well – because it came out so fine, our usual seven spoons for three cups resulted in a brew that was drinkable, but in no way ideal. It was just too metallic – a crucible of molten bronze. So for the second cup we took a lot more care – checking not to grind to fine or overdose our pot. This second one came out much more palatable – a decent, deeply flavoured brew with no hint of bronze. There was no head on the cup – its flat and plain looking. Still we loved it, but have to take it down a point for the care needed. 7/10

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Pact El Retiro Coffee Beans

Pact El Retiro Coffee BeansThese beans are just not appetising. They're a pale and dusty brownish colour - something akin to a pile of rabbit droppings that's been lying out in the sun all summer. When we ground them down they were full of a lot of chaff too and looked like a pile of ground Sahara sand. So far, not so good, eh? But on finally pouring it into the cup, it does redeem itself. It then looks good with a nice head – although still is a very light brown colour. The packet claims it tastes of “roast hazelnuts” – which it doesn’t – instead it has a real fruity twist to it – which is a real pleasant surprise when you slurp it. The only real trouble we had was with strength – it needed a long grind to get it fine enough to use and even then we had to heap the spoons high to get any kind of kick out of it. So one point off for fiddly-ness to make, it’s a 7/10

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