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Sea Island CoffeeSea Island Coffee have got the top end of the market worked out. They only supply the rarest and most bizarre coffees you can find. Like the one that comes out of Civet Cat Shit. We love the idea of crazy coffees - but the cost of these things is astronomical. You're looking at over 25 quid for a standard pack of coffee. The only way you can justify it is if you think that works out at about £2 a cup - which is, let's face it, what you pay in Costa for a cup of whatever-the-hell they've got.

If you're feeling flush, give it a go! Here's our reviews of some of the Sea Island offerings...

Sea Island Maui Island Estate Coffee Beans

Sea Island Maui Island Estate Coffee BeansAnother Sea Island "cheapy" at the equivalent of 14 quid a pack. The first thing on show here is the beans are the tiniest things you've ever seen - they are miniscule. So small you might be forgiven for thinking this one is pre-ground. But no - grind it you must. The finished cup doesn't look anything out of the ordinary - plain as hell. But the taste - whooa - it's good. The lemon and citrus twang cuts right across your tongue like an amuse-bouche and as you sink the last drops all you want to do is have another one. It's moorish as hell. Which is a shame because it's my last ever cup - at 14 quid a go it's just too rich for this Judge. So a 9/10 docked 2 points for cost. 7/10.

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Sea Island Geisha Costa Rica Coffee Beans

Sea Island Geisha Costa Rica Coffee BeansBoth times we've made this, it's foamed up in the pot to the point where you could shave with it. But over the 3.5 minutes stewing the foam totally disappears and when it's poured it's completely flat and, let's face it, unappetising. But don't let it's bland appearance fool you this is a really well flavoured cup - from the first initial sip through to the lingering aftertaste. Even when it's gone, you still feel like you're drinking it. And enjoying it. When I started this one I tried not to think of the cost and vowed not to mention it. I've failed again - it's 13 quid a pack. Would have been an 8, but drops one for cost to a 7/10.

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Sea Island 360 Reserva Cafe Puerta Rico Coffee Beans

Sea Island 360 Reserva Cafe Puerta Rico CoffeeIt's strange how your values change. Only last week we were moaning at paying 12 quid for a pack of coffee and it was no better than a Sainbury's three quidder. Then we cranked it up a notch - and some - to 25 quid a pack of uber gourmet Jamaican Blue from Sea Island. This time it's another gourmet - but back at 12 quid a pack. Get that - we now think 12 is cheap! Well, it's definitely a pleasure to quaff this one - there's plenty there to taste and the flavour lingers on the back of your tongue for a while - in a very pleasant way. Serve this at your after dinner party and no-one will complain. Why would they - they didn't pick up the tab. 2 points off for cost, bringing it down to 7/10.

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Sea Island RSW Peaberry Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Sea Island RSW Peaberry Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee BeansSo this is the best coffee known to man. Apparently. Jamaica Blue Mountain. We got gifted this by the lovely people at Sea Island Coffee who seem to specialise in the most exclusive and top of the range coffees. This half sized pack of 110g retails at £13 - that makes it the equivalent of £26 for a normal sized packet which is just utterly ridiculous. Now that's not Sea Island ripping you off - this Blue Mountain coffee costs the earth wherever you get it. As for the actual taste - well it's pretty fine and made a delicious cup. The first cup was a little weak so we spooned it up by one - I think this one can't be made wrong no matter how many spoons go in, it will always come out good. But you can't help choking and losing some of the pleasure with every sip when you think of the extreme cost - it's a coffee for Mugs. Arf. It would have had a 9/10 for taste but I've had to dock it a massive 5 for the rip off factor as it has to score under 5 which is our threshold for "would never buy it again". Sorry guys - 4/10. Final answer.

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