August 2013

Adams and Russell Timor A1 Arabica Coffee

Adams and Russell Timor A1 Arabica CoffeeThe beans of this coffee immediately put you on your guard - they are dark as hell - one bean too many of this in your grinder and you'd think that you'd be blowing your head off. But it turns out to be a real sheep in wolf's clothing - we lowered the dose down for the first cup to 4 spoons, fearing the worst, and the end result was something so weak that even the two girls who shared the pot commented on how feeble it was. And one of them was an accountant. So for the next cup we spooned it up to max and made sure we ground it pretty fine to drain what we could from it. The result - much better - strong without killing us, yet still a tasty little brew. There's nothing fancy about it - no lemons or flowers, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a fairly decent cup of coffee - which in itself it a little disappointing as we've not had anything from Timor before and was hoping for a bit of a twist. A solid 8/10 though.

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Adams and Russell El Salvador La Esperanza Coffee Beans

Adams and Russell El Salvador La Esperanza Coffee BeansAnother lovely dose from Adams and Russell. The beans for this one are tiny - and quite dusty looking . There's no obvious oily ness to them. In fact they look like they may have been picked up of the floor of the drying room shed. Don't let that fool you though into thinking this is an inferior brew. It's not - it's strong, yet forgiving to make. Nothing came out bad no matter how much we varied the dose. As with a few of these Adams and Russell coffees we've had - there's nothing to really set this apart from the crowd. It's just coffee. Good coffee. It would take the taste buds of 1000 virgin angels to find any other flavours in there. So, overall it's OK... just a bit, well... boring? 7/10

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