August 2015

India Coffee Beans

indid coffee beans

We’ve only ever had a few Indian coffees before and, to be honest, they normally aren’t that great. Terrible infact. But that’s not really surprising in a country which has devoted itself to tea production. They generally are Robusta based rather than Arabica which, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, means they are strong and harsh. This one claims to be of finest Arabica though – so somehow they’ve managed to find somewhere in India that has the right climate for a decent bean.  And yes – it’s true. This is one of the best coffees we’ve tasted in a while – even grinding it badly ourselves, we just couldn’t cock it up. It’s almost a 10 out of 10 – but we're taking one off just because it’s a "plain" coffee – there wasn’t much of a head on it, so it didn’t look anything special and there were no distinctive flavours in there other than coffee. No hints of fruit or nuts or anything complicated. The guy from India sent us this to try eight months ago but due to an administrative error, we’ve only just found it behind the dog food. It says on it best before Jan and so it's effectively stale - but it still rocks!  (9/10)

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