Café Santo Domingo

Café Santo DomingoWe got sent these beans randomly by the company that have just recently taken them over as the sole distributor. Lord alone knows where you would be able to pick this up in the UK - but anyway, we've got it and so we're going to review it. First things first - the bag is huge. It's clearly influenced by the Yanks - they don't mess around with any of this 227g European nonsense. They just ram a bag full of the stuff. The next thing is the bean size - again - massive. If you were in Italy you'd be making a poncy tiny espresso from just half a dozen of these bad boys. Taste wise though, this stuff is non-American, thank God. It's full of flavour and very forgiving - you can spoon up the strength as high as you like and you won't do yourself any damage. Every cup came out consistently - and we're rating it at an 8/10 - only really knocking a couple of points off as there's no real quirky-ness of taste.

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Distributed in the UK by PSG.Ltd. Import, Export & Distributions Ltd. You can get hold of them on +44(0)1142434715 / 07971709636 or go to their website at

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This brew triumphs where so many others fail by achieving a thick, rich and full flavour that isn't in any way overpowering. There are no subtle hints of sun kissed flavours or aromas nor do they claim to have created this coffee from the tears of cats fed an exclusive diet of those weasels that excrete £200 a poo beans. This is a proper, does what is says on the packet (probably, as it's in Spanish) coffee that tastes exactly how it should. I'm impressed without being overawed and cannot see anyone who enjoys a cuppa not liking this one although I'm not sure how many people would consider this to be their favourite - possibly for the same reasons that I have been praising it for... but if it's a choice between this and something infused with genetically hydroginised chicory I'll take this one every time.
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I had the great fortune of going to the home of this coffee (Dominican Republic) last year. This is obviously the most popular coffee there!!! As it was everywhere. And I love it. Have been trying to find it in the UK ever since. Any pointers on where I can purchase would be fantastic.