Douwe Egberts Fired Up Coffee

Douwe Egberts Fired Up Coffee

Can you believe it? Douwe Egberts, who have been peddling the same three packets of coffee for donkey's years, have finally wised up and gone for some rebranding! Now, the cynic in me says that the contents of this packet are the same as the old packets. BUT - we're excited by this one nonetheless. Is it really a new strength 6 and a contender for the throne of the Lava Java? Well, clearly Douwe Egberts have been sniffing around the marketing dept. of Taylors of Harrogate - as this is just a straight forward rip off of their Lava Java - even down to the picture of some lava on the packet. But we don't care - packaging for coffee is important - these guys need to realise there is nothing else to tell them apart. For 99% of the UK population coffee is either just instant or real. Anyway - Taylors can rest - this one is a bit too harsh for our liking. The smell off the cup is strong and dirty - the smell of cheap Robusta beans - and the taste is so bitter I really had to load mine up with extra sugar to get it down. I still didn't mind it though - it's just really unsophisticated. 6/10


What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Fired up is an indulgent, rich blend for those who love a strong, espresso style coffee. The beans are roasted for longer, drawing out a smoulderingly delicious aroma and intense flavour. This strong and earthy coffee provides a powerful kick for a fired up feeling any time of day."

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There's some of their stuff here on Amazon

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It does have lava pouring out the cup on the packet and it's another strength 6 and the packaging has been re vamped and Douwe Egberts are now on the foreferont of my radar with their new branding. Here it is, straight in for the big gun, it's called Fired Up and it's screaming at me from inside the packet. First thing I noticed was the intensely dark and cool looking grain. I had to pour on 17 litres of boiling water per cup as this grain was just lapping up it. So it's a 6 spooner for 3.5 minutes to get us started and SMACK BAM WALLOP the first sip is the deepest. Once you start you might as well finish it cause you're gonna be tasting it for the next hour anyway. It aint half bad. I have put a 6 on it but that's mostly cause it's a little too bitter and doesn't compare to the Tysons of previous weeks. I still think the new swanky packet and the all singing all dancing way they have described this coffee is to their credit and after the dull Percol packets this is a Swan amongst the Ducks. Intensely strong and bitter and wicked on a camp site. Although it's a 6 it's a very favourable thumbs up kind of 6 and i'm looking forward to trying the rest.