Marks and Spencer Espresso Coffee

This is a real bad boy. It's ground super espresso fine, which means it's very hard to get your weights and measures right. So much so, the first two of these we had were as fierce as a Tiger with it's manhood in a vice. Don't go near it. But despite the skull cracking power, the underlying taste still came through. We knew that deep down this was a good 'un. But it took three failed cups to get the dosage right before we finally got the taste of the real deal. And let me tell you, it's a trooper. One of those coffees that can take any amount of milk without becoming too sickly. It would probably make a good Latte, if you're that way inclined. Once again though with the M&S'er, the difficulty in getting it right is the only thing to detract from a top score from this Judge...9/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Rich, powerful and chocolatey for the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte."

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I always take the M&S products with a belief there going to be great because of that slick advertising campaign where a highly seductive voice slowly describes the most delectable chocolate sauce caressing the large, soft profiteroles and then ends with the lips of a goddess taking said profiterole, all in one. Well done M&S and we've had three of their coffees so far in the office and all have been met with nodding approval. One of them (the connoisseur one) nearly hit the top spot on our league. This offering of an Espresso Premium Coffee with a healthy looking strength 5 comes as an extremely fine grind, so much so we had to drop a whole spoon off our quota and 5 spoon it to get the perfect coffee. Even the 6 spooner was good but it hurt your cheeks and your pee was brown. After dropping to 5 we had it perfect. Came across as a good strong flavour, definitely a coffee designed by man, for men. To be taken with M&S yorkie bars. 8 from me I like it and i'd stock it at home.

I'm probably reviewing this in the worst way possible - a day after I drank it, whilst I am sampling a different coffee entirely - however, I have been thinking about it since yesterday afternoon as I was too busy (a new feeling for me) to write somthing down. Looking at the other reviews for this M&S coffee makes me think what I could remember of this brew must be a different drink. I have no negative feelings towards it, nor do I have much in the way of complimentry words... Didn't pick up on the strength the others have mentioned, or though the last cup I had of this seemed to be the closest to being on the money. not much of an after taste either, but what was there was nice while it lasted. maybe i'm getting too coffeejudgemental.

Have tried a lot of others, including the Ethiopian M&S 5 strength. Of all I have tried, none come close to the power and chocolatiness of this. @ Coughee: I use the little Espresso Coffee pot and pack the coffee right down with a teaspoon. The coffe comes out the pot BLACK. One cup of that and I am on fire for the day!