Monoprix Café Moulu Pur Arabica Intense

The French don't go in for the country of origin on their coffees. You never see words like "Kenya" or "Ethiopia" on their packets - they just don't care. All you'll see is words like "coffee" or, if they are being slightly more descriptive, "family". And it's not surprising - bearing in mind the average French meal takes 23 hours 45 minutes, by the time they get to the coffee course the next starter and wine is only minutes away. They just don't go in for all this artisan coffee guff. So we have gotten used to French coffees all just being much of  a much ness. This one though does break the mould just a little - it's punchy without punching your face in. We spooned it up quite heavily and it kept a nice raunchy coffee taste without going into a leaden after taste. We even made it for a few of the pre-raphaelite women around here - and they loved it too. The long and short of it - c'est tres bon. Give it to your family, they'll thank you for it. Its an 8/10

What the Manufacturer's say: 

"Make what you can of this: "Our teams are looking for, select and control the grands crus of coffee in the world to guarantee moments of intense sensations.Ce ground coffee is the result of a subtle blend of the best wines of origin Arabica""

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Although the package looks fancy - I thought Monoprix was kinda like the French tesco so this isn't necessarily going to be a posh one. Having said that, This coffee does have that quality found in a lot of French brews - the ability to deliver a fairly full flavour without any of the 'layers' or 'subtle hints' that accompany most attempts at creating something fancy. This may be one that is better without milk so you can appreciate the mix of intense and delicate flavours. Enjoyed this more and more as I drank my way down to the bottom of my Little Miss Naughty Mug (The Little Mermaid one was dirty)A definite 8, possibly more.