Paddy and Scott's Great With Friends Coffee

Paddy and Scott's Great With Friends CoffeeWe have to admire these two guys - they're doing the kind of job the Judges want to be doing. But rather than just sit around moaning that so-and-so coffee is a duffer, they've got up off their arses and gone and made their own - so good luck to them! Now, let's hope they know what they're doing. The packaging on this this is not great - two blokes having a love-in over a small cup, with way too much text - loses it one point from this Judge. So much so, we can't even be bothered to read it. It's actually hard to tell what you're going to be getting - it's just called "Great With Friends" - no clue as to strength without getting your reading glasses out. It's a damn fine brew though. We've had three now, and they've all been consistently good. Powerful flavours, no aftertaste. Just a nice lingering coffee coating in your mouth to remind you of what you've just enjoyed. You don't see this coffee around much - but if you do, you can't go wrong. (8/10)

What the Manufacturer's say: 

  "A dark roasted pure Arabica blend of Indonesian and African Arabica beans. Grown in remote and beautiful regions of deepest Sumatra and Ethiopia dry processed to give depth of flavour. This punchy, smokey and spicy rich blend gives a real coffee hit without too much caffeine. Exotic aromas and rich flavours make it a real cigar, brandy and conversational blend."

Where you can buy it: 

You can get most of their stuff here from Amazon

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OMG, some dudes getting together over a love of coffee and taking it to the next level. 6/10 for effort guys but you'll never be a Judge!. Or will you - I personally found this to be an excellent cup of morning coffee. So much so it's the second one i've had. We weren't overly keen on trying a cup advocated by a couple of benders because of our own personal reputation at work but we realised we were being immature over it and at the end of the day men and women both find me sexy. It's not a crime. At least not one that is judged by me. No I judge coffee and I gave this an enjoyable 8/10 and would drink another. If of course I didn't have 17 million other coffee's to get through. Send us some more guys so we can get your page up!

do these guys roast coffee ???? i thought it was roasted by someone else and packed for paddy and scotts...